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drag queen singing dream girls showtunes at blue moon rehoboth beach delaware

Drag Queen at Blue Moon Rehoboth Singing Dream Girls Live!

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drag queen singing dream girls showtunes at blue moon rehoboth beach delaware

I normally don’t like drag shows much so when they come on I leave. However, when we were at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach the other day and the show was coming on, they announced it was performers and the first one was from Broadway. At that point I pushed past my panic attack from the crowded room and when she started performing I forgot that the drag shows at the Blue Moon aren’t your normal show. Instead they are talented performers that actually perform. This first performer did an amazing montage of showtunes from Dream Girls. I unfortunately turned off my camera before she got to the big number, but you’ll love the first few songs.


My Little Ponies take on Broadway – I am actually shocked.

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It is very rare that I ever shut up. The thing is that I love to talk and yell and sing and say whatever is on my mind. The problem with this video is that I really don’t know how to react. Someone actually took the time to take the My Little Ponies and have them lip sync and act out a few showtunes. But it isn’t just your normal video, the people who produced it actually went and got an entire stage, elaborate my little pony costumes and even built an entire set. I am assuming that they actually had a musical or my little ponies play and then a couple of the characters decided to do a spoof video of Dreamgirls and Wicked.

Anyways, the acting in it, for a my little pony singing and performing showtunes isn’t horrible. I love when the one pony lifts up her leg to kick over the milkshakes so that she can make a point in the first dreamgirls song. Then I love when that one turns into Elphaba and they bring in the next my little pony which is Galinda. I sort of wish they used a green my little pony instead of a blue one for elphaba, but hey, we can’t be that picky.

Anyways, I love the 1980’s and I love broadway and I love showtunes, so when you combine all three together in a really random way you either get something amazing or something that is a complete flop. I am still undecided on how I feel about this video. If it was at a showtunes night I would love it. If it is sitting here in my own home, I would think it is pretty lame. After I watched it I ended up thinking it was kind of cool, but still sort of stupid. Then i got to thinking about how hard it must be to be one of the dreamgirls and then a witch in a horse costume and sort of love it so that is why I am posting it here at Let me know what you think of the My Little Ponies perform Broadway hits.