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Be Our Guest Video from Beauty & The Beast & What it Means to Me

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This is a guest post from ALK. He’s a local in DC that loves sing-a-long piano nights and karaoke with his friends. Here is one of his favorite movie showtunes and what it means to him.

Be our Guest, from the musical Beauty and the Beast, has special meaning for a recent college graduate searching for a rewarding career.

Be our Guest, from the musical Beauty and the Beast, has special meaning for a recent college graduate searching for a rewarding career.
I graduated last December from an undergraduate program, and finding an interesting job has been a struggle. Don’t get me wrong, I have a job in retail, but it isn’t exactly what I’ve hoped for after earning my college degree. Often the work day can be drag- but what helps to recharge me is playing in a local kickball league every Thursday night, and truly “Being a Guest” to this amazing community.

Last night, my kickball team had a team dinner together. I’ve had a frustrating week at work… but like the servers request in the Be Our Guest Video from Beauty and the Beast, I felt “invited to relax” as I sat in the dining room with the friends on my kickball team I consider my family.

“Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test.” These words from the Be Our Guest Video from Beauty and the Beast always ring true during my Thursday night kickball get-togethers. Whether on the kickball field or out to dinner with my team, I always know my friends are there to listen to my venting about the frustrations of being a recent college grad, and to support me the whole way through. And while I’m not making as much money as some of the members of my kickball family, my team still encouraged me to order what I wanted without worrying about the cost. Just as the servers say in the Be Our Guest Video from Beauty and the Beast, my friends encouraged me to “Tie your napkin ’round your neck, Cherie” and promised to “provide for the rest” of whatever portion of my bill I couldn’t pay for.

With my kickball friends, “a dinner here is never second best.” No matter where we decide to go after our Thursday evening kickball games, there is sure to be singing, dancing, and an all-around sense of community that helps me to recharge after the frustrations of applying to jobs, being rejected, and working a job that doesn’t require the degree I worked hard to obtain. As servers from the Be Our Guest video from Beauty and the Beast bequest on their guests, my kickball team is always encourages me to “Be our guest!, helping me to “Get [my] worries off [my] chest.”

What happens to Disney Princesses after They Get Married? Jon Cozart

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(This is another guest post by Ryan and is his own personal opinions. Not the opinions of

This is by far the funniest parody I have seen! Disney has a habit of sugar coating both current and historic events to make them more kid friendly. On the other hand, Jon Cozart is not afraid to provide us with the hard (and hilarious) truth of what happens to Disney characters that get involved with our oceans, the Middle East, indigenous population or interspecies relations. His explanations of what happens after Disney characters “dreams all come true” are definitely different than what I had envisioned growing up. However, if this guy ever happens to write or direct a sequel to any of these Disney movies, I will certainly come to the midnight premiere — I just won’t bring the kids.

Cozart opens up with a raunchy remix of Under the Sea. While he keeps the same bubbly Caribbean beat in an all accapella style, but he puts a darker spin on things. After all, Ariel is a 21st century mermaid. She has to share the sea with more than just her fishy friend Flounder — she also deals with the fallout from the Deepwater Horizon explosion and her pals being massacred and eaten by the Chinese and Japanese.

In the Aladdin bit, Jasmine has finally landed her dream boy; only to have him promptly imprisoned in Gitmo. This is when Cozart busts out my personal favorite line: Bush was crazy/Obama is lazy/ Al Qaeda’s not in this country! On top of the witty lyrics, I thought that the facial expressions that Jon Cozart constantly makes through this part added a whole new level of hilarity to the song — although I doubt that is any consolation to Aladdin — he probably just wishes he had saved a last wish with his genie so he could abolish the Indefinite Detention Act.

Denmark has some fairly liberal bestiality laws. Unfortunately, Beauty and the Beast is set in France, and Belle’s secret is out. While Jon Cozart showed the spite of the town’s people towards Belle very clearly, he leaves us with a cliff hanger as to whether she gets killed by a mob, placed in jail, or just has her hairy hubby taken away by PETA is all left up in the air.

The Pocahontas film had a fair bit of violence for a Disney movie, but compared to what happens afterwards, it was a walk in the park. This piece was the one that truly showcased Jon Cozart’s talent. It displayed not only his acapella skills and his brutal sense of humor, but his language and acting capabilities as well. The part where the French and Spaniards freak out upon learning just how depraved Pocahontas has become had me cracking up regardless of how many times I watched it.

I’m not generally into parodies, but Jon Cozart nailed this one. Disney can be sickeningly sweet far too often, and I thought that watching a video sinisterly tearing apart all their idealism was a breath of fresh air. Even those who aren’t so sadistic should still be able to appreciate the witty lyrics and the terrific acting and singing skills of Jon Cozart.

What if Belle Was a Gay Man – Beauty and the Beast Video

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The other week we found a video showing what it would be like if our princess Belle lived in the Ghetto or a not so fairy tale type of village. Not only was the video awesome, but it was worth watching over and over. I didn’t think there were any other good parodies of the opening song from Beauty and the Beast, until I found this version of Belle, if she was a gay man.

Not only does the voice do a perfect job of translating what a Gay Man may think,,,if he was queeny and b*tchy, but it is a freaking hilarious stereotype video of a queeny gay guy skipping through a village and thinking out loud. Before anyone gets mad, not every gay man acts like this or thinks like this. The video is a joke and being gay I think it’s hilarious. I saw it for the first time at showtunes night last night and everyone else at JRs was cracking up to it as well. If you don’t get humor, then you shouldn’t watch the video. The video is absolutely hilarious and if Belle was a drag queen, this could easily actually be real.

I love in the video how Belle interacts with the village people, but when you take out the real lyrics to the song and add in others, it’s pretty cool how you can change the entire look, feel and story of the song, especially a Disney movie. The video is great for anyone who loves Disney and love when other people add their own twists to it like The Real Housewives of Disney video which also had Belle, except a real life version of her. The funny thing is that Belle in the video above is actually sort of just like the version of the Belle in the Real Housewives of Disney version. Queeny, mean and catty which is why it is sort of funny that people love to pick on her when in reality, Belle is the least shallow of all of the princesses considering she falls in love with the Beast regardless of his looks, reads to him and tries to do nice things for everyone.

Beauty and the Beast is definitely one of the most popular Disney movies and everyone loves Belle. Unfortunately Belle has an evil gay twin who likes to sing and dance as well and apparently she is taking over YouTube. The video is great, but it isn’t friendly for work so you may want to listen to it or watch it when you get home.

Belle sings in the Ghetto – Beauty and the Beat.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a Disney Princess to be in the real world? Not like enchanted where she meets someone with a huge apartment in Manhattan, but in somewhere like the slums of a city. Thanks to a really fun and fabulous production company, you can now really get an appreciation for what it would be like for a Disney Princess to be real and live in the Ghetto.

Beauty and the Beat is an absolutely fabulous redo of one of the most classic and loved songs from Beauty and the Beast. Not only does Belle actually sing a real song from Beauty and the Beast, but she even acts it out almost exactly like the real character did in the movie version of Beauty and the Beast. As she is singing and leaving her house in the morning she runs into a ton of townspeople, just like in the cartoon version of the movie and each of them have reactions very similar, but in their own way to the way that Beauty had in the movie.

Without trying to spoil the video for you, you’ll definitely fall in love with this version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. They played the video for Beauty and the Beat last night at JRs when we were out for drinks and everyone stopped talking to watch. It is an absolutely hilarious version of the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast and you will absolutely love it, especially if you are a fan of Disney movies and spoofs of Disney movies as well.

Besides Mad TV doing a funny parody called The Real Housewives of Disney, this is one of the better spoofs that I’ve seen and actually thought was worth sharing. Please feel free to share this post and video with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook by using the icons and sharing buttons at the top of this post or by using the Facebook and Twitter share on the video. It is definitely a funny enough video and everyone who loves Disney will love this video as well.