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A Whole New World – Aladdin – Guest Post from a Recent Grad

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This is a guest post from a recent college graduate that decided to write a post for us. I really liked the post and I think the show is going to Broadway so I figured why not post it. Here is his guest post of A Whole New World from Aladdin.

A Whole New World, from the Disney Musical Aladdin, has special meaning for a recent college graduate who has just started a new career.
I graduated last December from an undergraduate program, and worked in a grocery store for eight months following my graduation. I enjoyed working there, but I always had a nagging feeling that I could use the skills I learned in undergrad for another career. Finally, after eight months of searching for a different job, I have begun working at a news agency, helping to fact-check and pitch story ideas for senior journalists.

Just like with starting any new job, I was nervous at first. However, like Princess Jasmine from A Whole New World Video from Aladdin, I knew it was time to get over my nerves and take a plunge into the unknown. What’s followed has truly been “a magic carpet ride.”

“A whole new world… A hundred thousand things to see.” Jasmine’s words from A Whole New World Video from Aladdin couldn’t ring more true to how I’ve felt about my recent job transition. Since joining my news organization, I’ve been exposed to so much new information. Each day brings new responsibilities, emails that I need to respond to but that I may not have all of the knowledge I need, and new stories I have to find information for. Thankfully, I have a mentor at work who has helped to instill in me the confidence that I can handle these new responsibilities. Just like Alladin tells Jasmine in Whole New World Video from Aladdin, he’s informed me that with each new responsibility, there will also be “new horizons to explore,” and that I should “hold [my] breath,” because it “only gets better.”

So, like Jasmine in A Whole New World Video from Aladdin, I feel that “I’ve come so far…I can’t go back…To where I used to be.” I often feel overwhelmed, but the amount of knowledge I’ve gained has been so exciting, and with each new task I complete I gain more confidence in my ability to handle the unknown. In my whole new world, there will be moments when I “soar” and others when I “tumble.” But one thing’s for certain- I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of this “magic carpet ride.”

What happens to Disney Princesses after They Get Married? Jon Cozart

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(This is another guest post by Ryan and is his own personal opinions. Not the opinions of

This is by far the funniest parody I have seen! Disney has a habit of sugar coating both current and historic events to make them more kid friendly. On the other hand, Jon Cozart is not afraid to provide us with the hard (and hilarious) truth of what happens to Disney characters that get involved with our oceans, the Middle East, indigenous population or interspecies relations. His explanations of what happens after Disney characters “dreams all come true” are definitely different than what I had envisioned growing up. However, if this guy ever happens to write or direct a sequel to any of these Disney movies, I will certainly come to the midnight premiere — I just won’t bring the kids.

Cozart opens up with a raunchy remix of Under the Sea. While he keeps the same bubbly Caribbean beat in an all accapella style, but he puts a darker spin on things. After all, Ariel is a 21st century mermaid. She has to share the sea with more than just her fishy friend Flounder — she also deals with the fallout from the Deepwater Horizon explosion and her pals being massacred and eaten by the Chinese and Japanese.

In the Aladdin bit, Jasmine has finally landed her dream boy; only to have him promptly imprisoned in Gitmo. This is when Cozart busts out my personal favorite line: Bush was crazy/Obama is lazy/ Al Qaeda’s not in this country! On top of the witty lyrics, I thought that the facial expressions that Jon Cozart constantly makes through this part added a whole new level of hilarity to the song — although I doubt that is any consolation to Aladdin — he probably just wishes he had saved a last wish with his genie so he could abolish the Indefinite Detention Act.

Denmark has some fairly liberal bestiality laws. Unfortunately, Beauty and the Beast is set in France, and Belle’s secret is out. While Jon Cozart showed the spite of the town’s people towards Belle very clearly, he leaves us with a cliff hanger as to whether she gets killed by a mob, placed in jail, or just has her hairy hubby taken away by PETA is all left up in the air.

The Pocahontas film had a fair bit of violence for a Disney movie, but compared to what happens afterwards, it was a walk in the park. This piece was the one that truly showcased Jon Cozart’s talent. It displayed not only his acapella skills and his brutal sense of humor, but his language and acting capabilities as well. The part where the French and Spaniards freak out upon learning just how depraved Pocahontas has become had me cracking up regardless of how many times I watched it.

I’m not generally into parodies, but Jon Cozart nailed this one. Disney can be sickeningly sweet far too often, and I thought that watching a video sinisterly tearing apart all their idealism was a breath of fresh air. Even those who aren’t so sadistic should still be able to appreciate the witty lyrics and the terrific acting and singing skills of Jon Cozart.

Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me – Working Mom’s Valentine’s Showtune

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I’m very excited to have a post from one of my favorite mommy bloggers who I’ve known for years.  Sabrina Malone from Working Mom.  I asked her if she would write a post for me about a showtune for Valentine’s and she instantly knew what she wanted to write about.  Here is her favorite valentine’s day showtune that she instantly wanted to write about.

Mister Aladdin, sir

What will your pleasure be?

Let me take your order

Jot it down

You ain’t never had a friend like me…


Life is your restaurant

And I’m your maitre d’

C’mon whisper what it is you want

You ain’t never had a friend like me…


Yes sir, we pride ourselves on service

You’re the boss

The king, the shah

Say what you wish

It’s yours! True dish

How about a little more Baklava?


Isn’t there something about this song that just resonates? There’s something alluring about the idea of having your own genie, a powerful being dedicated toward fulfilling your wishes and desires. The only trouble is…wish fulfillment is a tricky business. According to almost all the literature available, Genies tend to be more trouble than they’re worth.

Just think of all the episodes of “I Dream of Jeannie” and the problems Major Nelson had to fix as a result of things going wrong with Jeanie. Despite the fact that her intentions were good, and she really did try hard to please her Master.

In the Disney movie Aladdin, “Genie” was also a comical, good-natured creature. This certainly made things easier and better for his Master.

[Spoiler Alert]

However, when Jafar becomes a genie – even a child could envision how mean-spirited his take on wish fulfillment would turn out to be. In fact the sequel to Alladin, “Return of Jafar” illustrated that very point.

Consequently, people have actually attempted to mitigate the likelihood of wishes going wrong by drafting meticulous, precise wording for making a wish. (Just in case you ever propitiously find your very own genie.) For example, one of the most iron-clad wishes for immortality I’ve ever seen reads like this:

“I wish to live in the locations of my choice, in a physically healthy, uninjured, and apparently normal version of my current body containing my current mental state, a body which will heal from all injuries and which will be protected from any diseases, injuries or illnesses causing disability, pain, or degraded functionality or any sense, organ, or bodily function.” -Open Source Wish Project

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself in possession of a genie, I recommend you proceed with extreme caution. Consider whether it would be better if you refrained from making any wishes at all! Instead, you’d be happier and more fulfilled by being grateful for what you already have.


Sabrina O’Malone works full-time while raising and homeschooling her six children ages 15 and under. (That’s no typo – six kids + a full-time job + homeschooling!) Professionally, Sabrina is the founder and President of She’s an author, speaker and former Mrs. America Pageant Contestant. (Long story) Working with her husband Daniel, has become an online powerhouse, saving time, energy and money for nearly 500,000 families every year. The free checklists, coupons, inspiring articles and practical resources share the good news that it is indeed possible for moms to give 100% on the job and 100% to their families.


Brain Foggles Valentine’s – A Whole New World from Aladdin

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Favorite Disney Valentine’s Day Song from Aladdin

Since my daughter and I are big Disney fans, our favorite Valentine’s Day song is from the movie Aladdin – A Whole New World. We both have watched the movie many times on DVD and have been to Mickey’s Philharmagic at Magic Kingdom in Disney World which features this song. We look at each other when it plays, smile and sing along.

Yes, this song is romantic, but it has elements of adventure which most children enjoy. My daughter, Sammi loves traveling, especially to new places like I do. A Whole New World mentions “new horizons to pursue” which makes us dream about seeing the world. Traveling is a big topic of conversation for us. We share cities and countries we want to visit and make plans for one day.

A Whole New World is a catchy tune with easy lyrics to remember. Although there are covers of the song, including a couple of K-Pop versions and the ballad by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle, we like the movie version the best. Watching the movie or just the scene itself with the song playing is such a treat for us. It brings back memories of when my daughter was just a little girl and would cuddle with me.

Sometimes, I’d play A Whole New World before Sammi’s bedtime when she was a baby and a toddler to soothe her and calm her down for sleep. That was such a special time for us. Those alone times that a mother and daughter share are the ones that create memories to last a lifetime.

Now as my daughter is getting older (she’s 14 now), she is into K-Pop. When she shared the cover by Ivy and Brian Joo, it brought tears to my eyes. She remembered! Such small things mean so much. Whenever we hear that song, it creates a bond between us. For Valentine’s Day, I look for Aladdin themed cards, or those cards that play music hoping I can find one with our song. Either way, I play A Whole New World for the both of us. And we smile and sing along.

Bio – Connie Roberts began writing online in 2007 with her Lifestyle blog Brain Foggles. Her goals are to share information about family, travel and social issues. She is an advocate for women and children in need and people with medical issues. She has formed long term relationships with brands and focuses on those that maintain corporate social responsibility.