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Seth Rudetsky Tries to Catch Me If You Can – Aarron is Hot!

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We all know Seth is a married man and has a fabulous daughter and family. The problem is when you throw in someone who is absolutely hot, gorgeous and talented like Aarron Tveit from the show Catch Me if You Can on Broadway and you have him perform in a tight black tshirt in front of Seth Rudetsky. Who can blame him for not only loving the music, but also having to take a few looks at Aarron while he’s performing. Who can blame him though, look at how gorgeous Aarron is.

Aarron has amazing skin, a great facial structure, a perfect body (which you get to see while he is laying on a doctors table in the hospital with the leading lady in the show and he also has an amazing voice which people have loved with everything from Next to Normal to his new leading role in Catch Me if You Can. What I love about this clip is that even if Seth wasn’t checking him out, like the rest of everyone else in the world was, it certainly looks like he couldn’t help but to take a quick couple of glances at Aarron’s posture while he was singing. I think just about everyone who wasn’t mesmerized by Aaron’s presence or facial expressions while he sings ends up checking out his ass or perfect figure in his clothes. He really has the whole broadway package. An amazing voice, great looks, an incredible actor, he can dance and although he looks nervous in the interview, he can speak. Seth had an amazing show today and when you watch the clip you’ll see that not even the Amahhzing Seth Rudetsky could help but to check out Aarron Tveit while he was singing. Hey, there’s absolutely no harm in taking a quick glance, I know I was fixed on him when he was topless in the show and just about everyone else couldn’t take their eyes and ears off of him while he was dressed either. Aarron is an amazing up and coming actor and I am super excited to see him landing leading roles and getting some great solos. Congrats Aarron and great show Seth!

Catch Me If You Can The Musical Soundtrack on Sale Here!

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Finally! The Catch Me If You Can Soundtrack is finally for sale and you can buy it without having to go to NYC for it. I personally bought a few of the MP3s because I am seriously obsessed with it after seeing the show and know that you are going to love it as well. The Catch Me If You Can Soundtrack or Original Cast Recording if you’re a theatre person is amazing.

Not only is the show high energy, but there are some amazing ballads in the show like Goodbye or Fly, Fly, Away which is sung by Kerry Butler. Not only do you end up loving to sing along with these two songs, but when songs from Catch Me If You Can the Musical come onto your headphones like Live in Living Color you end up wanting to dance. I doubt many of you will jump up and down and off of large blocks like they do in the show, but you’ll definitely be tapping your feet and possibly standing up to dance around if you need a break from work. The Catch Me If You Can Soundtrack or Original Cast Recording is the perfect work and driving CD. It has high energy songs, ballads and some songs that are really old fashioned and would make you think you were listening to the rat pack or an old big band singer. The soundtrack is awesome and now that the Catch Me If You Can Soundtrack is on Sale, you can buy it and listen to it even if you haven’t gotten to see the show yet. This is one that I highly recommend buying because even if you haven’t seen the show, you will love the music and get yourself even more excited to see it.

Anyways, if you want to read my Catch Me If You Can the Musical Reviews, click the link before this. If you want to buy the music, click any of the links above and you’ll be taken to the page where you can buy the CD or MP3 for some of my favorite songs from the show. I highly recommend this show and highly recommend buying some of the MP3s. My personal favorites are Goodbye, Fly, Fly, Away and Live in Living Color. To be honest I love them all but those are three good ones to start with. Feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like to share your favorite song from Catch Me If You Can the Musical.

Catch Me if You Can Reviews – On Broadway

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Last week I went to one of the screenings of Catch Me if You Can on Broadway. Not only is the musical version of Catch Me if You Can an absolutely fun show to see, but it was sort of like Fosse on steroids. You could completely see that Catch me if you can the musical was not only created by the people who created the broadway show Hairspray, but the music, the energy and the dancing was absolutely phenomenal. I wouldn’t say it is in my top ten favorite shows, but it is definitely one I recommend that everyone goes to see. It has everything you want in a broadway show and catch me if you can on broadway leaves you smiling and wanting more. The only complaint I have is that they didn’t have window cards for sale and you cannot download the songs on iTunes yet. Here is my Catch Me if you Can review.

The show starts out at the very end. The main character ends up getting caught by the Feds and then proceeds to tell his story. The story is pretty much the same as the one in the movie, with the exception that Frank doesn’t steal from his Dad. Instead the Dad is made out to be one of the bad guys and the Mom is painted as a good guy, even though she is an Adulterer. The opening song is full of a ton of energy and really solid dancing. There are lights flashing everywhere and it is all about being “Live in Living Color”. You get to meet the entire cast and Frank even walks you through when and how he will meet each of them. It is also the scene where I think he mentions one of the sayings for the show tshirt, “I like girls”. I think just about every theatre queen in Rehoboth, Fire Island and PTown that has seen the show will be wearing that tshirt this summer.

Catch me if you can the musical then walks you through the story and the name changes of Frank and the way that the IRS or FBI guy hunts him down. You watch as Frank’s father meets his mother in France. As they fall in love and even as Frank finally settles down in Atlanta, only to move to New Orleans to marry the nurse he falls for. The musical Catch Me if You Can is absolutely hilarious and has an amazing soundtrack. The dancing is overdone and the movements are extremely exaggerated, but it keeps your attention and you never get bored. What’s even more fun is that Frank constantly talks about illusions and the slight of hand and even does a few magic tricks on stage.

The set isn’t that impressive. It looks like something pulled out of the 60’s or 70’s and flashes like you are at studio 54. It is almost exactly the same style as Hairspray, but then again it still sort of works. Unfortunately it looks like this may be the last musical that works with this same theme as Broadway audiences will eventually tire of the same exact dance styles, set designs and music. Luckily this show has an awesome story, extremely talented actors and will hopefully land its place in the 2011 season and tour. It has everything you could want in a Broadway show, but it is extremely similar to hairspray which could also be its downfall. Overall I would give Catch me if you can the musical 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason it doesn’t get a fifth star is that it was a copy off of Hairspray. The soundtrack is amazing, the acting was great and I loved the show, but I was hoping to see something different from the people who produced it. Catch me if you can the musical is one you should definitely check out if you are in New York City and for me, Catch me if you can reviews are that the show is one that you don’t want to miss.

Catch Me If You Can the Musical Reviewed

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One of the newest shows on broadway in 2011 is Catch Me If You Can the Musical. If you remember, Catch me if you can was a movie that I think had starred Matt Damon and Christopher Walken. I’m to lazy to check so we are going with what I think I remember lol. Either way both of them are amazing Actors so if it wasn’t them then they should have been cast. Anyways, Catch Me If You Can the Musical is one of the newest shows coming to broadway this season. I am personally sort of excited to see it because I am absolutely obsesses with some of the songs from the show. Especially the song in this post Goodbye from Catch Me If You Can the Musical.

Catch Me If You Can the musical is about a kid that pretends to be people he is not and has a Government Agent trying to track him down. He pretends to be everything from a Doctor to a Pilot and everything else. The funny part is that people believe him and he is still under 21 I think. The show has a ton of heartfelt moments like when the dad is singing to his son about having a checkbook but not having much money in his account. His dad is happy to have is son growing up, but the son sort of wants more. Catch Me If You Can the musical is one that I sort of do want to see.

It is definitely on my list of shows to get tickets for when I am in NYC, but there are also a ton of other shows that are coming back like How To Succeed In Business Without Ever Really Trying starring Daniel Radcliff and the fabulous Mr. Harvey Fierstein has decided to do La Cage Au Folles. There are a ton of amazing shows on broadway right now so if Catch Me If You Can has a matinee or has a sale at the TCKTs counter it will definitely outrank some of the other shows that i’d want to see at night. I haven’t seen it yet so I cannot give Catch Me If You Can the musical a star rating, but I can say that it is one I would probably go see if it is on a discount or there are seats at the Matinee. If you’ve seen Catch Me If You Can the Musical, feel free to leave a comment below.