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Happy Labor Day – Two Songs About Two Types of Co-Workers

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Almost 6 years ago I got tired of back stabbers, kiss asses and everything else that makes jobs suck!  I hated the boss that only cared about the people that would kiss his butt and even worse, watching lazy people get promoted above people that could actually do their job.  Instead of sitting down and bitching about it like most people, I got up and quit.  It was as easy as that.  To be honest, it was extremely terrifying but insanely rewarding.  The thing I couldn’t stand most was being stabbed in the back, having people take credit for the work I was doing and the people above me thanking them for everything I did.  That is why for Labor Day I wanted to wish everyone who has these people in their lives a nice and relaxing day off.

I struggled a few times over the first few years worrying about paying rent, other agencies and “friends” trying to steal clients (you learn fast who you can and cannot trust) and sometimes how I was going to keep my sanity.  That’s one of the reasons I started this blog.  What I learned is that I would never give up on anything, I learned that if you are good at what you do you can survive and do it for yourself and that I would never want any of my employees to have to deal with the insane people that try to climb the corporate ladder.  Now that I have a couple of people who work for me, I can give them the job I would have killed for and loved and I hope they enjoy it.  For those of you who are stuck in the word world, remember, if you work hard, stay late every day and really kick ass, you can move ahead (I was a VP by the time I hit 25 or 26) and even when people try and stab you in the back, don’t go for revenge.  Instead, let them fall on their face.  It’s ok to forgive, but don’t give them your trust without them really earning it and remember, the first chance they get they will stab you again and never think twice about it.  Here are two broadway songs that I think anyone who has dealt with these people or are one can relate to.

OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical

OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical is about Elle getting ready to get engaged.  We all know she is about to get dumped, but instead of moping and pouting, she gets back on top and gets ready to kick some ass.  Instead of sleeping with a professor, stabbing the girl who is engaged to her boyfriend or even being a b*tch, she works hard, studies and goes for it.  She doesn’t hurt anyone, she has a positive attitude and she makes it in the end…not to mention falls in love.  Elle reminds me of the person who works hard and continues to fight, even when everyone else is against her.  She is that hard working person that never gives up and makes it in the real world.  I have never met anyone that had the drive, wasn’t lazy and couldn’t make it.  That’s why I love Elle and the song OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical.

Killer Instinct from Bring it On the Musical.

This showtune is about the exact opposite type of person.  The girl in this show idolized her neighbor Campbell and the minute she had her chance, she stabbed her in the back, took over her life, her boyfriend, her best friends, her school and her spot as the head cheerleader.  The entire showtune is about stabbing people in the back and not stopping until you get everything you want in life.  Unfortunately there are a million people out there like this and almost all of us know them.  I personally hate them and when I find someone like this, I instantly remove them from my life.  They are horrible people and usually the bosses and higher ups know about it, but they never do anything and this person wins.  You shouldn’t try to take revenge on them, but by doing what Elle or Campbell did which is work hard and move ahead, you can put these people in their places.  I never stabbed anyone in the back during my career and still moved ahead.  I had people against me at a lot of places and people who stabbed me in the back.  I let it get me down, but then I used the depression and anger to work even harder and move ahead of them.  It isn’t easy to do, but if you don’t let them get you down and you can kick butt at what you do, you can win in the end.  The people that Elle and Campbell had to deal with are horrible.  Unfortunately there are a ton of them out there.  Relax and have a great day off this Labor Day and when you get back to work, remember to not worry about stabbing them in the back, forget about revenge and focus on being better at your job and working your ass off so you can move ahead without being one of those people.

Current 2012-2013 Winter Broadway Tours & What To See

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There are a ton of amazing shows touring right now and what’s nice about the touring broadway casts is that you don’t have to wait in line in the cold at the TKTs counter in NYC to get a discount, instead you can order broadway tickets online by clicking that link. With all of the tours going on, which ones are kid friendly, which ones are fun and which broadway touring casts probably aren’t worth it. Here are my top 5 picks for touring broadway casts that you can buy as broadway gifts, or just for a fun day out with the family or a romantic night with a loved one.

1. Book of Mormon

I don’t think I have to tell anyone that this is one of the most sought after and in demand broadway touring casts you can see. It is not family friendly at all and deals with a lot of religious and anti religious topics. It is however an extremely funny show with some awesome music, and as long as you have a dark sense of humor, you will love the touring cast of the Book of Mormon. It is currently on a multi city tour and I did this post about how to get book of mormon tickets before they go on sale to the public. The Book of Mormon on tour is a must see for anyone who wants a fun night out and to see a funny show that will keep you laughing for hours.

2. Cats

I never thought people would get a chance to see this show again, but it is back on tour in the US and in Canada. Unfortunately it does not look like it is going to hit any major venues, so you need to look at cities outside of your region for it. If you click the link above for tickets, you can find when it’s going to be in a city near you. Cats is a family friendly show and kids and people of all ages will love it. The show has starred a ton of amazing Actors and the music is still sung and known by almost everyone at every wedding and other celebration event. This is an amazing show that millions of people love and this may be one of the last times you’ll be able to get to see it.

3. Les Miserables

This is one of the most classic shows and if you want the perfect show to cuddle up with your loved one, this is it. It’s touring through the summer and if it is the tour with the new stage, effects, etc… it is one million times better than any other stage production you have seen before. Les Miserables is a love story that takes place during the French Revolution. There is a movie version coming out starring a ton of broadway celebrities and the neat thing about it is that they had them sing live and they will make the music match their emotions and how they sang when they were being recorded. The show is incredible and is perfect for a date night with the person you love.

4. John Tartaglia’s Imagineocean

Most people know John’s name from his role in Avenue Q and then when he starred in Shrek. Other people know him for singing ridiculous songs about his cousin at cabaret shows and even though he may seem like he is insane, he put together an amazing black light puppet show for kids called Imagineocean. Imageineocean is about three friends who are on a treasure hunt. The three main characters go through and make new friends while singing and dancing and even interacting with the audience. This is a must see if you have kids and something that they will never forget.

5. Bring it On the Musical

If it ever leaves NYC, Bring it On the musical will be back on tour. This is the perfect show if you have teenagers who like cheerleading, self esteem issues or are trying to come out of the closet. Unlike the movie version, this one is very political and also deals with current issues like bullying, fitting in, being thin, dating, being gay, etc… It is high energy, stupid and probably some of the most fun you will have that you never thought you would. The cast recording is awesome and you’ll love the high energy routines. This is perfect for families and for anyone who just wants something fun to do.

There are a ton of other awesome tours right now like Jekyll and Hyde, Spamalot and even fun off broadway shows, but these are my top 5 for you if you are going with family, want a fun date night or need something to take your kids too. Feel free to add your own favorite broadway shows that are currently on tour through the winter.

Bring It On The Musical Reviews – Read This Before You Go!

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I just got back from New York City and saw Bring It On the Musical on Broadway. Personally I hated it, but for anyone else, it’ll be the dumbest thing you’ll ever love. Now before you react and make comments about me hating it, I don’t actually hate Bring It On the Musical, I actually enjoyed the second act, but I was pissed off at the production. Just like any other show that they take from a movie, Bring it On the Musical is not anything like the original movie.

Instead of using the original character’s names, the main character is Campbell and instead of competing with the inner city school, she ends up becoming a part of it and competing with her old school. In the movie version of the show, it is a story about friendship and being proud of yourself. In the broadway version of Bring it On the Musical, it is all about throwing politics at the audience, trying to make a statement that is in your face and obvious. The song about stepping outside the lines and having the entire cast break the cheer competition rules by stepping over the lines on purpose was definitely not a subtle way to say you can break the rules, etc… What I did like about them pushing an agenda, besides politics and a lot of very in your face comments, is that they also had a ton of songs and characters to help teenagers, high school students and even adults learn to deal with being over weight, not the prettiest, cheating and how to overcome cheaters, etc…

I loved in the opening scene at the inner city school when the girls “crew”, since they don’t have a “squad” does an awesome dance routine and then one of them turns out to be a drag queen. The Drag Queen ends up being one of the more inspirational characters in the show because instead of sugar coating everything, she just says exactly what she thinks. What I also enjoyed about everyone at the inner city school in Bring it On the Musical is that they teach you to do your own thing if it makes you happy and to be proud of yourself.

If you’re fat, that doesn’t mean you can’t dance and look amazing doing it. If you’re into different music than everyone else, don’t pretend to like something different and enjoy it. If you like someone of the same sex, out of your league or someone of a different race, don’t be afraid to date them or talk to them. There are a million messages for teenagers about overcoming obstacles and being proud of themselves in this show which makes Bring It On the Musical a family friendly show and I highly encourage you to take your kids and teenagers to it.

Just like in the movie, there are a ton of amazing tosses and acrobatics that will get you cheering for both teams. They stunts are amazing and what I love is that they combined professional dancers and singers along with actual Cheerleaders to be able to pull them off. When I was reading about the show, the Dancers were afraid of the acrobatics and the Cheerleaders were afraid of singing solo, so instead of choosing one or the other, they combined the cast and have them on stage together. You can easily tell who is who in the cast because of their bodies and their legs.

The Dancers and Singers are thin and have dancer’s bodies. The Cheerleaders have larger muscles which you can see and even though they are in front and on stage during some of the dance routines, you’ll notice they only sing in the chorus and rarely hit a note by themselves or with one or two other people. Even though they are completely different types of performers, the choreography is done so well that you cannot tell who is who in the cast and who is going to flip or sing or get thrown in the air.

The show was actually good. My biggest issue about seeing it is that the sound sucked on the night I went. We were in the very center 16 rows back where you should be hit extremely hard with a high note or when someone belts out a song. Instead, the voices were muffled and the people singing had their voices stolen from them by someone in charge of sound who was having serious issues with microphones and volume that night. It was a shame because if I could have gotten to enjoy some of the awesome high notes and duets in the show, I would have enjoyed it instead of wanting to slit my throat after the first act.

Overall, when you are reading Bring It On the Musical reviews, they are pretty good. If the sound didn’t suck and it wasn’t so political I would be in love with it. It really is the dumbest thing you’ll ever love and you’ll be on your feet cheering when the actors come out after the show. Bring It On the Musical is a great show and I do recommend it. Unfortunately it is not worth more than $70 in my opinion so if you are going to see it on Broadway, either buy broadway tickets for Bring It On the Musical by clicking on the link at the top of this post or the link before this, or go to the TKTS counter and get a discount on tickets to Bring it On the Musical. If you are going to see it when it goes back on tour, I highly recommend clicking on the links above to find discount tickets to Bring it On the Musical for your city.

Bring It On The Musical Reviewed – Should You Go?

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If you remember Legally Blonde the musical, it was tacky and pretty bad but also kind of addictive. Movies that go to Broadway normally aren’t good, unless they are Disney so when I heard about Bring it on the Musical on Broadway I wouldn’t even consider going to see it. The movie was good and fun, but when they made a million follow up movies to it, it got old fast. I had no desire to see it or want to even give it a try, until I saw some of the previews for it and Bring it On The Musical actually looks pretty amazing.

I was reading about how they were putting it together and some of the issues they were running into. Dancers were scared of having to perform tosses and gymnastics and cheerleaders who will do them were scared to have to sing a solo. Cheerleaders weren’t able to be as graceful as the dancers and the dancers weren’t able to pull of the style of dance that cheerleaders use. The producers found a solution by hiring a cast of actual cheerleaders who would be able to do the acrobatics as well as tosses and the dancers and singers would do the rest of the performances.

The show is supposed to be extremely high energy and with the same team that put together Avenue Q, Next to Normal and a few other really good shows, it has a ton of potential. Unfortunately the songs that I have heard so far aren’t actually that good. They don’t sound that addictive or that fun to listen to, at the same time, sometimes you have to actually see the show to love the music and enjoy it. What I did love about seeing the previews and clips of Bring it On the Musical is the energy that is in the show and the ridiculous lifts and tosses that the characters do.

The stage is extremely high and the actors are tossed almost to the roof of the theatre. The routines look amazing and the effects and costuming are incredible. I don’t like how they changed some of the names and the outfits from the movie to the musical version of Bring it On, but at the same time they did the same thing in Legally Blonde the Musical. I definitely think that they will do an awesome job with the show.

Bring it On the Musical didn’t sound like it would be a good show to see, but after you watch the video clips it actually looks like it could be a fun show to go to. I definitely think that I’m going to go see it when it opens in NY and will do a review of Bring it On the Musical to let you all know how it actually is. It looks like it could be a fun show to see. If you’ve seen Bring it on the Musical on broadway, feel free to leave a comment below with what you thought about it.

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