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Showtunes about the USA 1 – Arkansas from Big River

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The song Arkansas from the show Big River is a song that I was going to save for my top ten southern showtunes, but decided to do a week of showtunes about cities and states since memorial day is coming up. I heard this song for the first time in a while on XM Radio when John Tartaglia was guest djing. Most of us know him from Avenue Q as one of the leads, but he is also well known for having a ton of offbeat and sort of strange songs that he enjoys singing. I guess that’s why he was the perfect fit for Avenue Q.

His cabaret shows feature him singing songs about being in love with his second cousin and really offbeat showtunes that pretty much no one knows or remembers but him. Thankfully he also throws in some normal ones to mix it up which always keeps the audience happy since they get to learn new weird showtunes as well as offbeat John Tartaglia styled ones. In the song Arkansas from Big River, John probably loves this because it is sort of like a hillbilly or redneck singing about his love for his state Arkansas.

Arkansas from Big River is an awesome showtune if you just want something sort of ridiculous to sing that rhymes a lot and has a fun melody. It’s easy for everyone to sing a long to so if you have kids, Arkansas from Big River is a great showtunes to add to your playlist if you are going on a family vacation and have a long drive. Although I don’t have it on my current playlist, and probably won’t ever add it to it, it really is a fun song, especially if you have to drive through or have a friend who lives in Arkansas. Since this week is all about showtunes about the USA cities and states, I figured why not start with a big one that is happy, fun and easy to sing a long to. That’s why I chose Arkansas from the show Big River for the first song in Showtunes about the USA cities and states week.