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I Wish I Could Go Back to College from Avenue Q

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Last week I went to my sister’s graduation. It was the first time I’d been on a college campus in years, so I immediately thought of I Wish I Could Go Back to College from Avenue Q. I had not seen the song since I was an undergrad, and most of the number was pretty irrelevant to me at that point. Now, armed with a B.A. and two years in the real world, I’ve decided to listen to I Wish I Could Go Back to College from Avenue Q again. Except this time, I’ll be able to do a little reflecting and check out how much sense it makes with my post-grad perspective.

One of the first lines is “What would I give to go back and live in a dorm with a meal plan again!” After a couple of years of struggling to cook for myself, often yielding to cheap take out, a meal plan sounds pretty great. The dorm room on the other hand, I’ll pass on. Rent may have been a non-issue for me during college, but I’ll happily pay to avoid the incessant noise, messes and communal bathrooms that come along with a dorm room.

The next verse is “In college you know who you are/You sit in the quad, and think, “Oh my God!/I am totally gonna go far!”” This one was pretty true for me, especially at the beginning of college. I knew I had four years of fun ahead of me, minimal responsibility, and plenty of new friends to make. I think that I Wish I Could Go Back to College from Avenue Q really captures the sense of ambition, idealism and optimism that me and many of my friends had in college.

Princeton goes on to sing, “I wanna go back to my room and find a message in dry-erase pen on the door!” That sounds nice in theory, but honestly, most of the dry erase boards I saw on doors were filled with inappropriate cartoons, profanity, or some mix of the two. However, Avenue Q is over a decade old and the characters would have been in college even longer ago, so I’ll cut them some slack. I bet my almost obsolete whiteboard would have been much more exciting back then, before everyone had cell phones.

The lines “I wish I could drop a class/or get into a play/or change my major/ or f**ck my T.A” give plenty of things to think about. I don’t have any classes, so the first part is kind of a moot point. I also have no idea how I would get into a play in the real world, but I certainly imagine it would be harder than it would’ve been in college. As for the T.A. part – I went to a small school where everyone knew everyone (and still does), so I’ll pass on commenting about that on the internet.

While I do sometimes wish I could go back to college, whenever I contemplate it I come to the same conclusion that the song does: “But if I were to go back to college/ Think what a loser I’d be/I’d walk through the quad/And think “Oh my God…”/ These kids are so much younger than me.” This completely checks out in my book. I remember when I was growing up not being able to tell the difference between college kids and people in their 30’s. Now I can hardly tell the difference between college students and kids who are too young to get their driver’s licenses. However, I’m sure they would be able to tell I am too old for college. All in all, I miss parts of college, but when I think about how pathetic it would be to go back for a meal plan and to shed some responsibility, I realize I am pretty darn happy in the real world.

The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q

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So my friend sent me a couple of text messages of his face beaten up. I initially thought him and his partner were attacked, but instead his partner had attacked him. On the phone he initially was upset, then started talking about missing his ex and then he told me he had done it before, but never that bad. Not only was I upset with this, but I immediately almost flew out to see him and bring him back to DC with me so he didn’t do anything stupid. He then told me he was staying with a different friend and we started joking about things to lighten the mood and all of the sudden The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q.

The reason I thought of The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q is because it is when Kate Monster was upset about Princeton taking home Lucy the Slut and sleeping with her. When Kate’s standing outside of his door, she’s staring through the night and Christmas Eve comes up to sing about what it’s like to love someone, except she makes a ton of random and weird references.

The conversation was kind of an offbeat one and you have to have a dark sense of humor to not think we were insane, but it completely reminded me of this song. It also made me think of The More You Ruv Someone because when I was in his car and when my iPhone put on Avenue Q and he said what the heck is that and never play it again…so of course I put on Book of Mormon right after. Anyways, he hates broadway and musicals and I love to play them when he’s around just because its fun to watch him cringe when someone hits a C or anything high.

It sucks that his partner had hurt him but at least he is out of there and safe now. Although Princeton never hurt Kate physically, the song The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q still reminds me of what happened to my friend and makes me laugh. If you have a dark sense of humor you’d probably love this song and would have thought of it too.

There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q

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So I started dating a guy and keep getting mixed signals from him. It is mostly me being seriously dramatic and over-thinking everything, but he did give me the lets take it slow thing. For us it meant that we actually did jump into our relationship way to fast and we are missing out on all of the fun things about dating, but at the same time I really like him which is why I want to jump right in. The funny part is I took him to see Avenue Q in NYC at the Stages Theatre and he instantly called me Kate Monster.

Anyways, here is why I am writing this post about There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q. No one cheated and I didn’t see him with anyone else, but at the same time I don’t know where we stand. Before NYC we were in a monogamous relationship, but when I asked him when we got back he didn’t comment on it and say yes or no when I asked him what take it slow meant. It left me curious as to where we stand. Are we boyfriends still (this sounds more like Mix Tape than There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q) and monogamous or is he out seeing other people. I already know, well at least am pretty sure he is not seeing anyone else and to be honest, I have no desire to see anyone but him. I don’t even have the desire to sleep with other guys, kiss anyone or even check other guys out. That is how I know that I really like him. The problem is that I don’t know what he is feeling as he wants to hang out, but he is a bit more distant when we do.

It isn’t that he pushes me away, but he isn’t as close as he was before. Instead of a long kiss or going at it when we have a sleep over, he gives me a small peck on the lips or we cuddle for a couple minutes then he pulls away. I know that that is technically taking it slow, but at the same time I want to be a little further along since I already got to try it once or twice. That is pretty much the reason that I keep thinking about the song There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q. If we weren’t already dating I’d be using Mix Tape for this post, but since we have already slept together and I like him but not sure where we stand as in monogamous (and I’m hoping he is monogamous with me as well) There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q is the perfect song for my mood. Most of us have been in a relationship like this where we didn’t know what was going on so if that was you or if you feel the same way and want to share your store, leave a comment below. Here is There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q.

Avenue Q at the Stages Theatre NYC Reviewed

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So I just got back from another trip to NYC and this time decided to see the off broadway version of Avenue Q at the stages theatre. So before we get into the review, I wanted to go over what off-broadway is vs. on broadway and what you can expect. If you don’t want to read the post, then my review is a good one and you should definitely check out Avenue Q at the Stages Theatre off broadway. You can buy tickets by clicking on the goldstar or ticket liquidator banners in the right hand side of this blog.

Off broadway shows are pretty much the exact same thing as broadway shows except the theatres are smaller and you are extremely close to the actors. The talent is amazing, the sets are scaled down for some shows, but the quality is still very high. Off broadway show openings are usually more unknown or are up and coming shows where broadway usually has box office and big budget shows opening. That’s pretty much the only difference between off broadway shows and on broadway shows. So now that you know the difference, lets go over the now off broadway version of Avenue Q at the stages theatre in NYC.

I absolutely love this show. Everything from my favorite characters Kate and the Bad News Bears to Princeton and Christmas Eve makes me laugh my ass off and want to sing a long. If you have never seen the show but only listened to the soundtrack, you’ll notice a few changes. 1. The bad news bears are in the show and play the bad influence on the characters and 2. Time sensitive things like George Bush during the ending song is replaced with Fox News.

The show was a Sunday Matinee show so it was kind of early. The cast seemed to be a little off when it started and no one was really working the songs like I thought they would have, however by the middle of the first half, Kate, Christmas Eve, Trekky and everyone else was belting out tunes and brought the show to life. The only character that was really not well done was Brian. The guy was probably just having an off day, but it seemed like he wasn’t in the mood to do the show and was just at a rehearsal. He was talented and all but it just didn’t feel like he was giving it his all. Overall the entire performance was fantastic and I would definitely go to see it again.

The cast was great, the show is awesome and because the theatre is small you get to really see everything which is amazing. Avenue Q at the stages theatre in NYC is 100% worth seeing even though it is off broadway. The show is still great and because it is off broadway it seemed like the tickets are even cheaper. If you are heading to NYC and want to see Avenue Q at the stages theatre, click the Goldstar and Ticket Liquidator banners in the right hand side of this blog and you’ll find great deals on Avenue Q in New York City tickets as well as a ton of other shows.

It Sucks to Be Me Video from Avenue Q – I love this song

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If there is one song that never gets old it has to be It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q. You always hear people bitching about how life sucks when the reality is that nothing in their lives really is that bad. Then another friend comes along and that friend says that life sucks or complains about their day. Then another friend comes along, etc… That’s basically how this song goes. Each character has something wrong or something bugging them and they all compete with each other to see whose life sucks worse.

Some people bitch about their commutes to work. Others bitch about not making enough money. Some people bitch about having to be alone or being single and not being able to meet anyone. Some people complain about their roommates and others complain that their house is to quiet and empty. No matter what, someone will complain and everyone will compete with each other. That’s why I love It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q.

It is all of the characters competing with each other until Gary Coleman comes along and wins. It is almost like real life with my friends right now where everyone is bitching about something. For some reason no one really cares but they just want to bitch or complain so that they can be heard and see who can bitch the most. I think the real reason they all love to bitch is that they really just want a reason to have cocktails and hangout. What better excuse than complaining about work or roommates or being single, etc… It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q is the perfect for listening to while driving, working or even just getting dressed for work or going out. The song is funny and makes you laugh and want to sing along. That is one of the reasons it is one of the most popular songs from the show. Anyways, here is It Sucks to Be Me from the musical Avenue Q. Feel free to leave your own bitch or complaint below if you are having an It Sucks to Be Me day.