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I Hope I Get It from A Chorus Line – The Ultimate Broadway Song about Broadway Shows

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If there is any show that is all about being on broadway it has to be A Chorus Line. From the minute the curtain goes up you get to experience what it is like to audition until the show ends when you watch what the finale is like for the cast. I Hope I Get It from A Chorus Line is the perfect song to bring you into the minds of the characters and cast of this show. Not only do you get to hear what goes on in their heads, but you also get to learn about them, what it means to them, how each one is affected differently and how much it can take out of you just to make it through the first rounds of auditions.

A Chorus Line is a huge show for people going into theatre. Not only did it run forever on Broadway, but people who want to go into theatre can relate. As your auditioning you think about if you look good enough, if you’re voice is what they want, if you can dance well enough or if they noticed you had one small mistake during a routine that normal people wouldn’t have seen. It’s kind of scary for Actors and helps the audience get to see what it’s like for them from their perspective as well. It was also a huge show for the audiences that weren’t into acting because almost everyone could relate to at least one of the characters.

Whether you were bullied, felt like you weren’t good looking enough, been positive and happy and popular but felt alone, have someone who was hard on you and then you realized they really actually cared or are even just trying to do what you love, there is a character that you’ll fall in love with. The show is amazing because it has something for everyone. The song I Hope I Get it from A Chorus Line is also the perfect Broadway Song about Broadway Shows because it not only helps you see what it’s like for the Actors to audition for a show, but makes you start to cheer them on and almost makes you feel like you are auditioning.