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Shrek 2 I need a hero video

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Last night I had some friends over because one of them just broke up from a long term relationship and marriage. After everyone went out I stayed behind with my friend and tried to keep us both happy and everything fun. When we were alone it got kind of sad and depressing again until I was flipping though the tv and we found Shrek 2 playing on TBS. Not only do I love the Shrek Movies but Shrek 2 is even more fabulous since it not only helps to teach about being yourself and loving everyone but it also features one of the most recognizable showtunes from the show Footloose Holding out for a hero.

Bonnie Tyler not only made this song famous but when you combine a really bad 80’s story line with Kevin Bacon and a cast of dancing 80’s actors you get a movie that you cannot forget and a soundtrack that ends up being a best seller.  The songs from Footloose have been remixed for years now and I forgot that Shrek 2 had a version of Holding Out for a Hero which was perfomed by the fabulous Jennifer Saunders from one of the most popular British Comedy shows Absolutely Fabulous.

Not only was the Shrek 2 Holding Out for a Hero perfect for Jennifer Saunders but the character whose voice she played was an absolutely perfect casting job to combine her character Eddie from Ab Fab into a cartoon and the only company and movie that could make it all work together was Shrek 2.  Not only did Shrek 2 make us both laugh but it was a great movie with a fabulous soundtrack and we both ended up not being able to stop watching.  The Shrek movies are awesome and I love Shrek 2 and wanted to share one of the songs from it since it is technically a showtune as well as a song from a movie.

Here is Shrek 2 Holding Out for a Hero by Jennifer Saunders.