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Liza Minelli Performing All The Single Ladies – Awesome Video

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One of my favorite lines and scenes from Sex in the City 2 is when one of the girls asks Samantha why she brought her dog to the gay wedding. Her response was “What’s one more little bitch with an attitude”. I love her character in the show and later on in that same scene someone asked if the wedding could get any gayer and it does. All of the sudden at the end of the scene you hear the intro for Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies and Liza Minella appears with two drag queen Liza Minelli’s to perform it. The next comment is “When something is this gay, Liza just manifests”. The one liners and Liza Minelli performing Single Ladies in Sex in the City 2 made this movie amazing,,,if you were a fan of the show. If you weren’t a fan of the show then you were probably ready to walk out right when Liza started to sing.

Liza performing All the Single Ladies in Sex in the City 2 is by far one of the most memorable scenes. Everyone in the audience went crazy and it was almost like actually watching her live. Unfortunately when I saw her live at the kennedy center in DC her performance was a bit off and it looked like she wasn’t with it, but she was still amazing and it is hard to find people that can have a presence like she does, even with all of the talent currently on broadway. Although there are a million amazing performers, almost none of them can walk on stage and everyone just knows they are there and can actually feel the energy coming off of them.

It’s amazing to be able to see a video and feel someone’s energy and then when you see that same person in real life, you actually get to feel it. Although it may seem like some people have a huge presence, when you actually see someone like her perform, even the people in the back row are blown away and can actually feel her on the stage and are drawn in. That is one of the things that made her one of the most memorable and loved broadway stars of all time. Her energy and her presence are absolutely incredible and that is one of the reasons everyone still loves her.

I Am Woman Video from Sex In The City 2

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I was trying to think about what song to write about and couldn’t think of any. I was just in NYC for BlogHer (I think I was one of 5 guys at the show) and had an awesome time. Where else are you going to find a 4 and a half foot my little pony robot cake and thousands of female bloggers dancing around and going crazy. BlogHer was an awesome show and I am definitely going to go to the one in Chicago next year, especially because Chicago has an awesome theatre scene with great shows and theatres. Anyways, I was starting to follow up with more of the people I met at the show this week and was remembering everyone singing along and all of the speeches about women in business so I thought of when Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda got up on stage in the Arabic country and sang I Am Woman at Karaoke.

The Karaoke bar was insane with the huge stage, the belly dancers on the catwalks above the club and all of the outfits and design of the room. It was an amazing resort and you would probably feel like you were an actual celebrity giving a performance on that stage in the karaoke club. It was absolutely insane and like it was way to much fun when the cast sang I Am Woman in Sex in the City 2. Unfortunately, in most of the countries around them, they would not only probably be in trouble for being out in public by themselves, even in the resort, but also because they are singing a song about women’s rights and being a Woman.

The movie was awesome and they definitely made the Middle East look amazing, which it actually is, but they also made you remember that you have to behave and that you are in a different country with different laws. The video of the cast of Sex In the City 2 singing I Am Woman is amazing, but it probably wouldn’t happen in many of the Middle Eastern countries since women don’t have as many rights and singing is actually not allowed in some of them…or dancing or drinking. The video for I Am Woman from Sex In the City 2 is awesome and really fun, even though it probably wouldn’t happen.