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Somebody Super Like You & Life at Last – Phantom of Paradise

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I originally told Ryan to write a post about zombies on broadway…I had recommended a few shows about zombies and instead, we got this. Enjoy!

When I started watching the video for Somebody Super Like You / Life At Last from Phantom of the Paradise, I first though I was seeing a KISS tribute concert. After it became clear that was wrong, I wondered if had fallen asleep during a scene from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that did not seem right either. So I decided I would try to put the song in some context, and you know, read the video title. The song still begs a lot of questions, but at least now I know it is Somebody Super Like You / Life At Last from Phantom of the Paradise.

The whole scene from Phantom of the Paradise is way over the top and cheesy in a way I thought was awesome and hilarious. Opening with a huge thunderstorm and a blatant rip off of the Phantom of the Opera theme, the band quickly starts rocking out on stage. Watching how enthused their fans become, it’s hard not to start clapping and stomping right along with them.

The first time during Phantom of the Paradise when I was unable to hold my laughter in was when the girl in the yellow shirt was reaching out so desperately for the singer, and he takes her hand — literally. Watching as the band continues carrying out mutilations each verse somehow just gets funnier and funnier. I especially liked how they transferred from the victim’s scream back into the song. During the harmonizing part of the number, I thought that the graceful and dance-like sewing of the severed body parts was also hilariously choreographed.

Even though I thought the music in the second section of the song, where you get to see the newly created man, was a little lacking, it was my favorite part. Watching the phantom surreptitiously riding counterweights into the catwalk served for some very light hearted suspense, and I thought this more than made up for the lack luster music. To be honest, I was pretty excited to watch the Phantom use his bizarre lightening bolt gun to kill the Frankenstein character, as I really was not a fan of the man or the music. However, I did think that the guy calling for the fire extinguisher at the end was a great way to squeeze in a final laugh.

After watching Somebody Super Like You / Life At Last from Phantom of the Paradise, I am determined to see the rest of this movie over the weekend. Wrapping up a night out with a couple of friends and an absurd horror rock opera is not something I’ve done in the past, but after this clip from Phantom of the Paradise I am definitely looking forward to trying it out.