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Fiddler On The Roof – Tradition – The Tony Awards

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When I saw the touring cast of Fiddler on the Roof with Harvey Fierstein I didn’t really like it that much, but I also forgot about how the choreography during the song Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof was actually really good. When I was at showtunes night the other night, they played the broadway casts’ performance from the Tony awards of Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof and it was actually almost exactly like the touring casts except I really enjoyed it a lot more. I think the biggest difference between seeing the broadway cast perform vs. the touring cast wasn’t the singing, talent or dancing, it was where we were sitting.

The touring cast was full of broadway veterans and they were amazing. I saw them at a cabaret show after where they performed a ton of songs like Casting Call for a New Best Friend and also played instruments and sang a ton of great off beat and off broadway showtunes. We were sitting in the orchestra by the stage so we got to see the dancing up close and they were good, but it didn’t seem impressive. The video of Tradition from the Tony Awards is shot from a ton of different angles.

They have a camera above the audience like you are in the balcony, on stage and one that is directly in line with the performers. Actually getting to see them dance from these angles makes the performance look amazing instead of just like an ok routine. I usually try to sit in the first balcony in the front on the side when I go to a show because you get an awesome view of all of the effects and can also see the actual performances if it is a show that has really good choreography. The routine from the Tony awards was just like the routine from the touring cast of Fiddler on the Roof, but seeing it from the balcony or a better seat that wasn’t as close to the stage makes it look completely different and would have changed my opinion of the show. It’s funny how sitting in the balcony vs. the front of the orchestra changes your opinion of the show and the choreography and can turn a bad review into a good one.

Not the Boy Nextdoor from The Boy from Oz

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I cannot believe I forgot about this showtune when I did my blog post about broadway songs about being gay. Then again I probably wouldn’t have added this to the list if I remembered it because it is sort of a bad representation of gay people since it is about a huge stereotype that gay men are all queeny, overdressed feminine people. Unfortunately I actually love this song still and absolutely love the performance and when I’m at showtunes night or at a theatre, I have to admit I turn into that queeny person that loves to get dressed up and sing and cry during the show.

When I heard Kurt mention performing this song on Glee this week I wasn’t sure if they were going to actually do it, then I realized they were definitely going to do it. Oddly enough Kurt actually did an amazing job with it. It was just like Hugh Jackman’s performance and Kurt hit it perfectly. Unlike Hugh, Kurt got to do it pre-recorded and had editors to help. When you watch Hugh do it live, it is just as amazing and that is why he won the Tony award. Chris Colfer is a great performer now, but at the same time this is a number that is absolutely insane to do live which is why I give him credit if he decides to perform it again live on the next tour, if he is on the next tour.

Not the Boy Nextdoor from The Boy From Oz is an awesome song and one that I love. Chris Colfer did an amazing job with it and it was awesome to see them pull it off without having to change anything. I also loved Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction to him performing it. What was shocking was when Rachel chocked and the amazing acting that came out of Lea Michele. I’m definitely not a Lea Michele fan because of a couple things, but her acting is amazing now. When she bursted out in tears and shocked, it was incredible. I think I am started to like her again and am definitely giving her credit as an Actress.

Not the Boy Nextdoor is a fun song, but not one that is about being gay. It is about some gay people, but not all and shouldn’t represent the gay community. At the same time it is a ton of fun and that’s why I’m including on this blog. I’m probably also going to add it to my playlist again but not sure which version I want to use.

Gregory Heinz and Nathan Lane at the 1995 Tony’s

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One of my favorite Tony’s performances is when Gregory Heinz and Nathan Lane come on stage together and complain about the women complaining about men on broadway having the best parts and characters when the women get the better songs in the shows. Although that is somewhat true, women usually end up singing the male songs anyways when they do tours and concerts and guys have a harder time being able to add the female songs into their tours. That’s why I love Gregory Heinz and Nathan Lane’s performance at the Tony Awards because they decided to take a ton of great female songs and make a mashup of them.

Nathan Lane and Gregory Heinz are two of the most talented actors on broadway. Unfortunately Gregory Heinz had passed away, but the recordings of his shows and his guest appearances on tv like on Will and Grace when he was Karen’s laywer, Grace’s boyfriend and Will’s boss will make sure that he is remembered for a long time. Nathan Lane is a well known actor from movies like The Birdcage and he has been in a million shows and movies like The Producers and Mirror Mirror. Both of them are amazing Actors and their performance is incredible. Not only did they pull off singing the female songs, but they ended up sounding like it could have actually been made for a guy.

Watching the two of them perform together is amazing. They both have a ton of energy and it is hard to stop watching either of them. It’s hard to find people like them anywhere and when you have both of them on stage together it is an amazing show. That is why this is one of my favorite performances from the Tony Awards and one that you can still see at showtunes nights at JRs.

Showtunes Party in Washington DC from the Helen Hayes Awards

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So I have absolutely no clue what the Helen Hayes Awards is or what they are for, but my friend sent me an invite to an opened to everyone party (that actually sounds kind of lame) at the Jefferson hotel Quill bar. According to the invitation below to the Helen Hayes Awards showtunes party, there is no cover which is nice, cocktails which is better, but most importantly, sing a long showtunes where you are encouraged to belt out as loud as you can. That is why it got my attention. This bitch loves to belt out showtunes, especially when drinking cocktails and having fun with other theatre queens. Here is the invite to the Helen Hayes Awards showtunes party in Washington DC.


Presented by The Helen Hayes Awards Shed your inhibitions, connect with your inner diva and belt out show tunes with other theater lovers, bandleader and pianist extraordinaire Glenn Pearson and a few special guests from Washington stages at this monthly gathering.

Join us on:
MONDAY, JULY 11, 7 – 10PM
Quill Bar at The Jefferson, Washington DC
1200 16th St, NW
No cover – FREE!

Enjoy the art of the cocktail in The Jefferson’s elegant Quill Bar and savor their spectacular bar menu. An appetizer & specialty drink menu will be available.

Discounted parking is offered to our guests.

20% of proceeds support the year-round audience building efforts of the Helen Hayes Awards – Your Ticket to Washington Theatre. Find out what’s playing on over 70 area stages, visit

Anyways, if you are in the Washington DC area on July 11th, I highly encourage you to come to this event. I have no clue what the Helen Hayes awards are or what the actual purpose is, but when you combine a great pianist, showtunes and cocktails with a bunch of drunken queens you are bound to have an awesome time. I’ll more than likely be there as well with my camera taking random photos to review the event for this blog as well. If you end up coming, feel free to say hi if you see me.

Liza Minelli

I’m going to see Liza!!! Yes with a Z

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Ok, I know you all are about to be jealous of this star studded Diva oriented weekend in Washington DC.  Not only do we never get the parties that NYC, LA, San Francisco, London, Chicago, etc… get, but we never have the amazing Broadway shows or variety that these cities get.  The one thing we do have that is unique though is the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

The Kennedy Center is not an amazing old styled theatre but it is a huge complex with amazing sound and can easily host all of the top shows in the world.  This is where I went to see Hairspray for the first time and many other shows.  We also have the touring cast of Mary Poppins coming through soon but more importantly we have the Kennedy Center Spring Gala coming through this weekend.

The Kennedy Center spring gala in Washington DC is sort of like the kick off season to Summer shows and events.  The Kennedy Center goes all out and brings in Broadway stars of all calibers and styles.  This year they have completely gone out of their way to bring in some of the best, most well known talent around.  The odd thing though is that there are still tickets available.  Some of my friends just bought theirs last night.  I found it shocking because of this years line up of talented performers and Actors.

The show headliner is none other than one of the original Divas, the great Liza Minelli.

Liza Minelli

Liza Minelli

Liza Minelli is not only the daughter of the famous Judy Garland, but Liza Minelli is an icon, one of the most recognizable faces and voices in American Pop Culture and history and no matter where you go or what you watch, you will probably run across a reference to her.  She has appeared in tons of movies, tv shows, jokes.  Liza has hit cds like like Liza with a Z and pretty much destroyed the show Cabaret for anyone else who would ever try to take it on.  Liza Minelli is a legend that I dare anyone to try to take on.  She is above and beyond going to be one of the highlights of this show.  This picture of Liza came from the Kennedy Center Website.

So if Liza Minelli isn’t enough of a headliner for you, the next star to take the stage is the amazing and seriously talented Ben Vereen.

Ben Vereen you’ll remember from countless Broadway shows including Wicked, Jesus Christ Superstar, Pippin and the list goes on.  For those of you not into theatre, which I don’t understand why you’d be here if you weren’t, he was in Funny Lady, All That Jazz, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will and Grace and the list goes on with his TV appearances and roles as well.  He is also the god father to R&B sensation Usher.  Ben is one of the most talented Actors in modern times and I cannot wait to see him perform.  He dances, sings, acts and steals shows.  Between him and Liza Minelli, can it get any better?  Actually yes.

Aaron Lazar, many of you will not know him, reinvented many roles and recreated some of the most loved characters on Broadway.  He was in the recent revival of Les Miserables, A Tale of Two Cities and the classic A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim.  Aaron has also been on TV in Ugly Betty, The notorious Bettie Page (if your name is Betty you better watch out for this one) and countless other show appearances.  Aaron may not be well known, but his talent should be.

The next Actor I would like to mention is one whose name you won’t remember but whose voice and image you will never forget.  Andrea McArdle was the original Annie.  Not only did she create the role of the red headed orphan, but I think she created one of the most memorable American Icons that almost everyone can remember from their childhood.  Everyone remembers watching it and everyone recognizes the red poster and red lettering for the red headed orphan.  Sure she has done other things since Annie but when you create such an iconic role and character as Little Orphan Annie, it is hard to do anything else.

Some other performers who will be there include Elizabeth Ashley, Raul Esparza, Opera Singers; Elmore James and Harolyn Blackwell and the list of show stopping celebrities goes on and on.  It is insane how much talent The Kennedy Center booked for the Kennedy Center Spring Gala 2010 and I cannot wait to watch all of these icons and amazing performers show why they are the incredible Actors and Actresses that they are and why they have reached Celebrity Status in the Theatre, Screen and Entertainment industry.

If you haven’t bought your ticket to the Kennedy Center Spring Gala yet, you seriously need to hurry up because if word gets out that people like Liza Minelli are in town tickets will sell fast!  Hurry up and buy your ticket today and then come back and share how you liked the show after.