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The 1968 African American Cast of Hello Dolly and Pearl Bailey

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In 1968, the Tony Awards had an amazing performance.  Carol Channing took the stage to announce a show that she made famous as well as one of the first and most talented African American stars of the great white way, Pearl Bailey.  If you think about it, an African American revival of Hello Dolly with a black Dolly Levi wouldn’t be shocking now.  In 1968 it was a huge surprise and something people were shocked to see.  When you think of Hello Dolly, you think of Carol Channing or Barbra Streisand, not a black woman.  That is one of the reasons this performance is one of the most Epic Tony Awards performances ever.

Pearl Bailey didn’t miss a moment.  To have someone that originated the role, especially someone like Carol Channing announce and pass the torch is amazing.  Getting the go ahead and sign off from a legend not only shows how talented and amazing Pearl Bailey is, but this cast tore up the stage beyond belief.  The voices, the choreography and the acting was right on par and easily able to be argued better than many of the white casts that had been there before.

1968 was a time of war and protest, racism and hate.  To take a white show and add an all black cast was unheard of, unless it was broadway.  To gain the support of the theatre community, celebrities like Carol Channing and having an insanely talented person like Pearl Bailey as the lead, they were able to pull it off and make it an epic performance that will be hard to beat.  The reason I am posting this is that we had our first Non black or white Miss America crowned recently.  Instead of embracing her as an Indian-American and understanding that Americans come in many shades and colors, racists threw out comments, called her a terrorist and absolutely went out of their way to denounce her as a representative of our country.

This cast probably went through a lot of the same things.  Luckily the broadway community has always welcomed, loved and supported differences, cultures and embraced everyone from gays to blacks and Jews to Christians.  They may make fun of every race and background, but they love them, welcome them and not only put them on stage, but cheer them on, support them and give them awards based on talent, not color.  I wish the new Miss America a great start to her title and hope that everyone who reads this post does too.

Cinderella at the Tony’s – OMG I Want to See The Show! Buy Tickets Here

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Buy tickets to Cinderella the musical on sale

After seeing the performance from the cast of Cinderella on Broadway, I have to see the show.  I already wanted to buy tickets to Cinderella on Broadway, but I wanted to see other shows first like Kinky Boots when I go to NYC.  Cinderella the musical has always been one of my favorites.  I love the cast recording, the soundtrack from the movie version and everything about the show.  It is an amazing twist and whether it is the stage version, Brandy and Whitney or even Lea Salonga, the show is amazing.  Here is the clip from the Tony awards and then why I love the show and everything else.  You can buy tickets to Cinderella the musical on sale by clicking through the shopping list on the video player or by using the banners to the right as well.

So why do I love Cinderella the musical on Broadway?  Simple, I used to sing it with my mom when we would drive to school in the morning.  We loved watching the Disney movie version of the show so we bought the soundtrack and started to sing a long.  It quickly became one of our favorites and I have a ton of great memories from the show.

One of my favorite songs starts when Cinderella is sitting cleaning the house and sings “In My Own Little Corner”.  I would choreograph this and dance around as I was cleaning my room when I was younger…yes that should have been a huge sign for my family, and then I would start singing “Impossible” after I would finish.  Later on when I got a dog we both used to sing the waltz song “Ten Minutes Ago I Saw You….” when we adopted him, so the show became a fun part of our lives.

When you go to see a show, you go for either the special effects, the talent of the cast or because they have amazing dancing and costumes.  What I love about this one is that when you buy tickets to Cinderella the musical on broadway, you not only get the amazing costumes and dancing, but you get music that you will love, talent with the Actors and everything else that you could ever want.  There aren’t a million special effects, but the props and scenery is absolutely amazing which you can easily see from watching the video above of the performance at the Tony Awards.

If you are going to NYC and not sure what show you want to see, you should definitely buy tickets to Cinderella the musical on sale.  You can buy them by clicking on this link or by clicking on the link on the video player above.  Thank you again for reading and if you have seen Cinderella on Broadway or love the show as much as we do, feel free to leave a comment below and to share this post or the video on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

miss adams morgan pageant

We Let Our Freak Flags Fly – Shrek – Check Out The Pictures Inside

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Last weekend was The Miss Adams Morgan Pageant that takes place in Washington DC each year. Unlike other drag shows or pageants, this one is a star studded event with over 1,000 people showing up in drag, ridiculous costumes and insane outfits. If there was an appropriate event for a Freak Flag to Fly like in the showtune from the musical Shrek, this is the event where you can let your Freak Flag Fly. Our table’s theme this year was Greek Gods and Goddesses, but the theme of the 2013 Miss Adams Morgan Pageant was Asia and Silver. Asia because of the olympics, which I don’t understand, and silver because it was their 25th anniversary. Also, the reason I said Miss Adams Morgan Pageant 2013 instead of 2012 is because they crown the winner for the next year so this year is technically 2012 but it is the pageant to crown Miss Adams Morgan 2013. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my costume for Asia or Silver and I didn’t really want to do the Greek Theme so I was originally going to fill huge boobs up with pingpong balls and have a dress made of paddles, but instead I figured out something a bit more ridiculous. I went with the silver theme and completely overdid it.

I ended up finding and falling in love with a silver and white dress that I turned into a ghost. I added a silver and somewhat shiny Marie Antoinette wig, silver jewelry, white beads and painted my face with white powder, black eye makeup, red blush, eye shadow and lipstick to create a dead Marie Antoinette. I decided to keep her head on though and gave her vampire fangs for fun. Shrek the musical would have been proud of everyone at the 2013 Miss Adams Morgan Pageant because everyone let their Freak Flag Fly and had an awesome time.

There were insane drag outfits. Greek gods, chinese takeout boxes, muscle bears dressed as pandas, Phylis Diller even made an appearance from the dead with her sequins outfit, crazy hair and cigarette holder in hand. The only thing missing was the drag queen wolf from the musical Shrek who let his Freak Flag Fly as well. The pageant is an awesome annual event and if you are lucky enough to meet one of the drag queens that are performing and you can get a ticket, I definitely recommend you going. It’s the perfect reason to go crazy and have an insane costume, party with your friends and then go crazy in DC showing off your outfit. Here are a couple of photos of me at the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant in DC.

miss adams morgan pageant

miss adams morgan pageant 2012

miss adams morgan pageant 2012

Live Performance of Ghost the Musical at the Tony Awards

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I missed the Tony Awards this year because I was watching Kristin Chenoweth’s tour and apparently I missed a ton of amazing performances.  One of them is the from the new broadway show Ghost. Normally I don’t like or want to see a broadway show that came from a movie, but when I saw some of the clips from the show and the stage design which was basically done by professional magicians, It actually made me excited to see it. When you watch the movie version of Ghost, you become an emotional mess and can’t help not crying during the movie. It’s amazing watching Demi Moore acting while they are playing one of the most memorable songs as she is by herself at her potters wheel and at a restaurant wishing she was with her husband or fiance. What makes it even more amazing than in the movie is that in Ghost the Musical, instead of just watching her act while someone else sings the song, you have another amazing Actress not only acting during the song, but actually giving off emotions while she is singing it making it even more powerful.

The scene and set of Ghost the musical looks amazing. The walls have projections over them and make the stage come to life and almost like it is moving and making you actually exist on the stage with the cast. Besides the moving projections on the wall, there are a ton of magic tricks and illusions in the show like when the main character’s hand passes through a door and when the stage comes to life.

One thing I hate when they make broadway shows out of movies is that they normally destroy the movie and take out some of the most important parts. In Ghost the Musical they apparently kept it extremely close to the original movie which could have been a show on it’s own. I usually never recommend going to see a show that came from a movie unless I’ve seen it first, but I highly recommend going to see Ghost the Musical based on the reviews I’ve seen, the clips and from my friends who have gone to see it. I’m hoping to see the show when I go back to NYC in a couple of months and then I’ll be able to give it a real review. If you’ve already seen Ghost the Musical, feel free to leave a comment below or if you want to see it, feel free to leave a comment as well.

Book of Mormon Performing “Hello” at The 66th Tony Awards

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The Book of Mormon on broadway has completely taken over as far as high grossing shows. Besides Wicked, it is one of the hardest shows to get to see in NYC, unless you use the tricks here on how to buy broadway tickets. The show is absolutely hilarious and the touring cast is starting shortly. If you want tickets, you have to go fast, otherwise they will sell out before you get a chance to buy them. Everyone loves shows that are parodies and funny and when you have a show like this and let them perform at awards shows or in opening numbers like at the Tony awards, there are a ton of ways that they can tie in one of their songs. I was at Kristin Chenoweth on tour on Tony’s night so I didn’t get to see the performance of the song “Hello” from The Book of Mormon at the 66th annual Tony awards, but I did get to watch the video on YouTube and couldn’t stop laughing.

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What I love about this is that they completely parody Mormons who go door to door to recruit new people to their Church, which is also the opening act of the show and what they did was combine the two of them together and make a parody out of the religion as well as the show and perform it by recruiting Actors and Nominees from the 66th annual Tony Awards to the church with the song “Hello” from the Book of Mormon.

The show is awesome and the songs are great and what I love about the characters performing Hello from the Book of Mormon at the 66th annual Tony Awards is that they actually pull it off really well. I’m pretty sure they told the Nominees that they would be coming to their doors, mainly so they’d actually be there in their dressing rooms, but I don’t know if they actually told them that they would be performing one of the songs while they were getting ready and actually acting like Elders recruiting them for the church. The performance of Hello from the Book of Mormon at the Tony awards was amazingly well done and the parody video of Hello from the Book of Mormon at the Tony awards is seriously fun to watch. Please feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite Tony Awards opening acts and parodies.