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One of those Holy Sh*T, OMG Performances – Audra McDonald

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There are certain performers that people have a hard time taking their eyes off of.  It isn’t about having a presence, it’s about facial expressions, movements and most importantly a voice.  Audra McDonald is one of those people.  The problem with many of her variety show and charity performances is that Producers are always combining her with other just as or almost as amazing performers.  In the video below you’ll see her along side two amazing women, Marin Mazzie and Judy Kuhn, who can sing, but lack Audra’s ability to to create emotions from their faces that pull in an audience and make them feel whatever the Actor wants.  However, when you get three voices and an actress like Audra McDonald on a stage together and have them belting out some of the most loved showtunes during a tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber, you get a holy sh*t and OMG that was an amazing performance and something you won’t soon forget.  Unlike the Oscars and the Grammys, broadway charity and tribute shows can combine songs, talents and also create mashups that traditional entertainment shows can never pull off.

The Grammy awards may have a ton of great singers, but unfortunately they do not have the ability to get people that can belt out and create blended voices (not harmonies) while taking three gorgeous songs and turning them into one incredible medley.  This is something that is almost exclusively reserved for Broadway and theatre.  That’s what makes the Tony Awards and tribute shows so amazing.  Instead of just listening to a cast perform a song from their show, you get things like Avenue Jew, The cast of Spring Awakening Auditioning for Grease and even events like Bravo TV’s featured Best of Broadway that brought us incredible performances from Linda Eder, Adam Pascal and a ton of amazing talent from numerous other Broadway Veterans.  I’ll post a few of those videos later this week.  I don’t the Bravo show was for charity though, I think it was just for Bravo to bring a ton of talent onto their Network and make a ton of money.  With that said, the music and performances were incredible and they really did an amazing job.

If you ever get a chance to go to a Broadway fundraiser or charity event, or even a tribute to a composer or Broadway legend, go.  You’ll get to see so much talent performing things you’ve never heard of.  It may be the only time you ever see numerous stars performing insane songs together, in one place and songs that are normally saved for soloists.  You will more than likely also get to experience hearing showtunes from musicals that haven’t run or been on stage in decades making these events once in a lifetime experiences that may never come again.  If you are planning a trip to NYC and haven’t figured out when you want to go, try to schedule it around one of these events.  You’ll absolutely thrilled you got to see one.   Audra’s performance singing “Love Changes Everything” is amazing and the other two performers Marin Mazzie and Judy Kuhn did an incredible job with their songs.  The three really created an OMG and Holy Sh*t moment that we are lucky enough to have on film.  Please feel free to leave a comment below if you like or didn’t like the performance and also feel free to share this post on Facebook and Twitter by using the buttons at the top of the post.

Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber sing together

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Today is both The Legendary Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s birthdays. Not only are these two of the most amazing people in Broadway History bringing us countless showtunes, musicals and performances, but they have helped many Actors and Actresses become famous stars. Their shows have been turned in to Movies for the TV and the Theatre and their songs are known and sung by generation after generation. These two broadway giants also share the same birthday today and one other thing you may not have known is that they also share something else, a video of them playing and singing at the piano together.

In this video you’ll see them playing two of their most well known and loved songs in a mashup, Send in the Clowns and Music of the Night. Both songs are amazing songs with a ton of emotion in them and to hear these two broadway celebrities perform them with each other is absolutely amazing. This amount of talent playing and singing each other’s songs is absolutely insane and I am very excited to be able to place the YouTube video version of it here for all of you to enjoy.

I grew up listening to both Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber and have always loved their music. Their songs speak to everyone and their shows are timeless pieces of art that will always be remembered and hopefully performed throughout history and in touring casts. When I saw the video of Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber playing the piano together I had to watch it and when I found out they have the same exact birthday, I had to play it for you all on their birthday. Happy birthday Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber and thank you for creating such amazing shows, music and everything else you have done. Here is the video of Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber playing piano and singing together. Happy birthday again and looking forward to your next shows.

Unexpected Song from Song & Dance

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If there is one song that is absolutely gorgeous and amazing and not many people remember until they hear it, it has to be Unexpected Song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show Song & Dance. Not only is this one of my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, but when you have someone like Bernadette Peters singing it you have an amazing team. Bernadatte Peters offers her voice which is a mix of musical theatre and opera to a gorgeous love song from an Andrew Lloyd Webber show and you have one of the most amazing combinations in theatre history. This is also the song that I couldn’t remember the name of that Julie James sang when I went to see Live on Broadway in NYC.

I miss Andrew Lloyd Webber shows because he has always created the best music with some of the best singers. The music is memorable and gorgeous and almost any of his love ballads are the perfect songs for first dances at weddings. Unexpected Song from Song & Dance is one of those songs that I love and is definitely one that will be on the play list for my wedding day, if I ever get married.

It won’t be played while we are eating dinner or walking down the isle, but it is perfect for pre-wedding drinks and conversation as well as when people are sitting in the chapel or synagogue and waiting for the wedding party to start entering the building. Unexpected Song from Song and Dance is one of my favorite broadway showtunes by Andrew Lloyd Webber and one that I hope you will love as well. If you love this song or any of the other songs from Song & Dance, feel free to leave a comment below and maybe we’ll post it as one of our next showtunes posts.