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Wicked Austrailia One Short Day Merry Christmas Show

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So there is something completely wrong with seeing a stage set up like a church and an orchestra with people dressed like a church choir only to have two witches dancing around singing about short days; but when you combine it with iconic broadway characters like Glinda and Elphaba as well as an amazing story line and hit show, I think we can pass up the witches dancing around in a church.  I wanted to wish all the readers a Merry Christmas in July Christmas Wish and the only video I could think of to share with you for Christmas in July would be the Australian Cast of Wicked performing One Short Day at a huge Christmas celebration in Australia.

The cast actually wasn’t as bad as they sound in this clip so please bare with them.  The characters singing weren’t the strongest people to embrace the cast but they are definitely far from the worst, you also have to remember that they are not on a professional stage built for the show with a sound guy who is used to adjusting them for the song so it really isn’t their element either.

If you are also wondering why I chose wicked instead of the thousands of actual broadway christmas carols and songs, even the spoof songs from Rent that make fun of the holidays its simple, one of my work friends ended up posting that she was going to see Wicked in San Francisco (where the show debuted) and since its July and the Wicked Australia cast did a performance one One Short Day at a Christmas event I figured it would be the perfect fit to not only get to do a Christmas in July post but also mention one of my favorite shows and get to be jealous of my friend Trisha who went to see Wicked in one of my favorite cities without me lol.

Anyways, Merry Christmas and enjoy the Australian Cast singing One Short Day.  If you like this video post or blog, please feel free to leave a comment below or click the green tweet or retweet button up top to share this post with all your friends on twitter.