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Showtunes Night in Baltimore at The Hippo

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So I finally gave in and went up to Baltimore Maryland for Showtunes Night at the Hippo bar and lounge. I absolutely love the Hippo for dancing on Saturday nights, but I was a bit curious to see how they would do showtunes. Sure you have a ton of gays in Baltimore and they love theatre just as much as everyone else, but could Baltimore have an actual showtunes night? The answer is Yes!

I have to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite showtunes event at a bar when we first got there. The VJ kept on playing Glee after Glee after Glee. Then we saw Lea Michele in Ragtime and then another thing about Glee when he announced the show spin off. The Glee over and over got old and annoying fast. I love Glee like no tomorrow, but at a showtunes night I want to hear showtunes and that is where I really enjoyed showtunes night at the Hippo.

Instead of playing a million mainstream songs, the VJ played a few hits, but also many lesser known songs from shows. With La Cage Aux Follies, instead of playing a little more mascara or I am what I am, he played a huge dance routine and a lesser known yet equally as fabulous song. Instead of Children will listen from Into the Woods, he played the song about the couple who wanted a child. I loved the fact that the VJ played a good mix of well known and lesser known showtunes. It not only helps to show people that there are more than just ballads and belters on broadway, but it also helps to get people to love new songs. My only complain about playing lesser known casts is that he would line up a cast singing a song from a show, then play another outtake from the show, then a song from the movie version of the show. That got old fast. When I’m at showtunes, I don’t mind two songs in a row if one is a parody, but two or three songs from the same show in a row and none of them are parodies or unique, that’s a bit much.

So overall, Baltimore has a pretty kick ass showtunes night at the Hippo Bar and Lounge. The audience is awesome and loves to sing. The bartender is cute as heck and serves awesome drinks. The showtunes are great, but repetitive and overall it is worth going to. I give it around a 4 out of 5 stars as far as showtunes nights go. If you are in Baltimore on a Tuesday night, check out the Hippo Bar for Showtunes and then come back here and leave a comment with what you think. Thank you again Hippo for having me and everyone that I met. You guys have a great showtunes night that is definitely a great time.