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Bring It On The Musical Reviewed – Should You Go?

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If you remember Legally Blonde the musical, it was tacky and pretty bad but also kind of addictive. Movies that go to Broadway normally aren’t good, unless they are Disney so when I heard about Bring it on the Musical on Broadway I wouldn’t even consider going to see it. The movie was good and fun, but when they made a million follow up movies to it, it got old fast. I had no desire to see it or want to even give it a try, until I saw some of the previews for it and Bring it On The Musical actually looks pretty amazing.

I was reading about how they were putting it together and some of the issues they were running into. Dancers were scared of having to perform tosses and gymnastics and cheerleaders who will do them were scared to have to sing a solo. Cheerleaders weren’t able to be as graceful as the dancers and the dancers weren’t able to pull of the style of dance that cheerleaders use. The producers found a solution by hiring a cast of actual cheerleaders who would be able to do the acrobatics as well as tosses and the dancers and singers would do the rest of the performances.

The show is supposed to be extremely high energy and with the same team that put together Avenue Q, Next to Normal and a few other really good shows, it has a ton of potential. Unfortunately the songs that I have heard so far aren’t actually that good. They don’t sound that addictive or that fun to listen to, at the same time, sometimes you have to actually see the show to love the music and enjoy it. What I did love about seeing the previews and clips of Bring it On the Musical is the energy that is in the show and the ridiculous lifts and tosses that the characters do.

The stage is extremely high and the actors are tossed almost to the roof of the theatre. The routines look amazing and the effects and costuming are incredible. I don’t like how they changed some of the names and the outfits from the movie to the musical version of Bring it On, but at the same time they did the same thing in Legally Blonde the Musical. I definitely think that they will do an awesome job with the show.

Bring it On the Musical didn’t sound like it would be a good show to see, but after you watch the video clips it actually looks like it could be a fun show to go to. I definitely think that I’m going to go see it when it opens in NY and will do a review of Bring it On the Musical to let you all know how it actually is. It looks like it could be a fun show to see. If you’ve seen Bring it on the Musical on broadway, feel free to leave a comment below with what you thought about it.

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How to Buy Broadway Tickets On Sale

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One thing that everyone hates is having to spend a ton of money to see a show which is why I want to do a post about how to buy broadway tickets on sale or how to find discounts on broadway tickets. There are a ton of options to find great deals on them, even before you leave for NYC or for a touring cast in your own city. Here are a few of the things that I have done over the years and some great ways to get amazing seats if you have a bit of luck.

Buy Broadway Tickets on Sale

Buy Broadway Tickets on Sale

Goldstar – Many people don’t know about Goldstar, but I have personally used them to buy broadway tickets as well as to see shows here in DC. What Goldstar does is sell off tickets at half the normal price online. You don’t get to know your seat ahead of time, but you do get amazing prices and discounts on broadway tickets with them. Although you don’t get to see where you are sitting, it is kind of exciting to go to will call at the box office and get your tickets at the show and then see where your seats are. If there is a show I only somewhat want to see or that I don’t want to spend a ton of money on, I will definitely go to Goldstar first for discounts on broadway tickets.

Discount Broadway Tickets

Discount Broadway Tickets

Ticket Liquidator – This is a service that I use when I want awesome seats. Ticket Liquidator acts as a market place for shows and broadway tickets. You can find broadway tickets for sold out shows on a regular basis here, but you may have to pay more instead of getting a discount. At the same time, when people can’t make a show because of something else, they may sell their broadway tickets at a discount just to get rid of them. You can find everything from VIP passes to suites and boxes as well as orchestra to the very back of the upper balcony. I actually do like Ticket Liquidator a lot because you can get virtually any show you want even if it is sold out at the box office. I highly recommend them if you are looking for something that is sold out as you will probably be able to find broadway tickets for sold out shows on their site.

TKTS booth – One option you have if you are already in NYC is to go to the TKTS booth in times square. TKTS sells the unsold seats for numerous shows at fairly large discounts. You can find both on broadway and offbroadway available at the TKTS counter. One thing you do have to make sure you pay attention to is that if you are there on a day with matinees, they sell evening shows after the matinees are done. One other downside to going to TKTS is that if you are dying to see a show, they may not have that show on sale or they may sell out before you get to the counter. If you do choose to do this, which I normally do, go early and wait for the counter to open so you get awesome seats at dirt cheap prices.

Show Raffles – One thing that you can do if you are dying to see a show that is sold out and you are also feeling lucky is to show up to the box office for a show raffle. Many of the theatres have a raffle for awesome and sometimes front row seats for their shows. The only problem is that they raffle them off so you have to win the raffle and they are full price which can be very expensive. Then again if you cannot find the broadway tickets anywhere else and you really want to see the show, then this is a good option for you. Just remember that you may not end up getting your broadway tickets and not being able to get to see a show at all.

There are a ton of ways to buy broadway tickets on sale. These are just a few of the ways that I have gotten to see a ton of shows without having to pay full price. I highly recommend the services above and have used them myself. If you know of other ways to buy broadway tickets on sale, please feel free to leave a comment below.