The Top Ten Broadway Songs about Housewives & Homemaking

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Homemakers and Housewives in broadway shows are almost always dreamers. They think about what it’s like to do something different, get married, travel, see something new or even just go to a ball. They usually aren’t happy with their lives, but at the same time they are somewhat content.  They can be kids in an orphanage or grownups trying to impress someone.  They could be poor or rich or even just not able to remember where they are and needed a job.  Homemakers on broadway are some of the most fun characters to watch and ones that have some of the best broadway songs.

broadway songs about housewives and homemakers

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer – The Rink

This housewife or homemaker is tired of being everything from the Cook and the Head of the House to the Bottle Washer for the babies. She’s finally fed up and wants some help for everything that she does as well as everyone to start to appreciate her. This is an awesome showtune and one that is perfect for songs about homemakers.

Happy Working Song – Enchanted

In this homemaker’s song, the main character is actually happy to be cleaning and helping around the house. She is grateful for having somewhere to sleep while she waits for her prince to come rescue her. The only difference between her and some of the other homemakers on broadway is that she uses things that most people wouldn’t consider sanitary to help with the cleaning. This is one of the most popular songs from Enchanted and most popular ones to sing a long to.

Cinderella – In My Own Little Corner

In this showtune, Cinderella is dreaming about getting to go out and do things like go to the ball or travel. Unfortunately she is stuck at home cleaning while her sisters and step mother are at the ball meeting the prince. She is content with being a homemaker at home, but she wants more and dreams about getting to go out and meet a prince as well as see the world.

Castle on a Cloud – Les Miserables

This is one of the sadder showtunes about housekeeping. It is Cossette singing about wishing she was somewhere else where she was treated kindly and everyone was happy. Although her mother Fantine was sending money for the Inn Keeper to take care of her, he still made her the housekeeper in his Inn and didn’t not treat her as well as they treated their own daughter who got to live like a princess, compared to Cossette.

Somewhere That’s Green – Little Shop of Horrors

In this showtune about housekeeping, Audrey is dreaming of a life where she is married and happy with kids. Instead of being poor and dating someone who treats her poorly, she wants to become a housewife and live in the suburbs. Instead of starting out wanting to get out and see the world, she wants to find a home so she can care for it and raise a family.

I Can Cook Too – On The Town

I Can Cook Too is a song that isn’t actually about housekeeping, but about flirting with a sailor. This housewife is one who just wants to go out and have fun and uses a ton of subliminal messages to try and get the guy she wants. This is a one of the more fun showtunes about housewives and homemakers and one that is great for your playlist for roadtrips and cooking and cleaning.

Welcome to the Sixties – Hairspray

This housewife is scared to leave the house. She’s scared she’s too fat, not smart enough and that people will stare. The showtune is sung by her daughter to help convince her there is more to life than doing laundry and cleaning the house. This is one of the best showtunes to help you when cooking and cleaning to get you to hurry up and finish so you can go out.

Cell Block Tango – Chicago

He had it Coming from Chicago is a bunch of Housewives who were fed up with everything so they decided to kill their husbands instead of leaving. Not the most sane way to deal with a home or husband, but they definitely got their point across. They are housewives who had enough and ended up going a bit to far.

You Don’t Own Me – The First Wives Club

These are three of my favorite Housewives. Instead of killing their husbands they decided to take revenge and use their revenge to help other women and housewives who needed help. They decided to stand up to their husbands and be stronger than them and make something of themselves. Instead of being supportive, they took control of their husbands and started an organization to help everyone around them as well as let them know who was in charge without killing them.

A Spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins

This homemaker is a nanny who teaches the kids that cleaning can actually be fun. Although her job is to clean, she also helps to teach the kids that it is important to pick up after themselves and keep their own rooms clean. She also teaches them that they can make it fun by making a game out of cleaning their house.

There are a ton of housewives and homemakers on broadway and some of the best broadway songs are all about them and them having to clean. Whether they are tired of cleaning, want to get out and marry a prince or just be happy at home, homemakers on broadway are some of the most loved characters and have some of the best showtunes. Feel free to share your favorite below.