Broadway’s Best Working Girls – 7 – Ms. Mona

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Not only does Ms. Mona hear moans all night in her “Little Iddy Bitty Country Place”, but instead of being a working girl, she provides working girls to all of the men in her establishment in Texas. It doesn’t matter if your a politician, a college student or even a business man, if you follow Ms. Mona’s rules, you’ll get one of her girls and have a great night at The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, as long as “nothin dirtys goin on”.

Ms. Mona is more like a mom to the working girls but also a businesswoman. She wants to fall in love in her heart, but at the same time she has too many barriers set up. The barriers make her tough and more like one of the men, but her body and her business give her the upper hand with them. Ms. Mona doesn’t have to be a working girl because she can supply them to everyone as well as make money by only entertaining the men she chooses to. That’s only one of the major differences between Ms. Mona from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and other working girls on broadway.

With Fantine, Aldonza and others, they have no other choice. It’s sell their bodies on the street or die. If they don’t do it and they try to turn men away, they have no money, no home for the night and can also end up in trouble if the person reports them for being a prostitute. Ms. Mona on the other hand protects her girls, gives them a nice clean place to sleep and stay and a safe environment for them to provide their services in. Ms. Mona is an amazing woman. She competes with the guys, plays with the guys and can conduct business on her own terms during a time period where it was hard for a woman to be able to make it out on top. Even though she is still a working girl, she is one who has a much better life than most of the working girls on broadway. Ms. Mona is an icon and almost everyone loves her during the show Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.