Broadway’s Best Working Girls – 6 – Lola

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Lola from Damn Yankees is one of the biggest users of her body to get what she wants. She isn’t shy about it either. The reason why she is, but is also not a real working girl is that sometimes she does it free, sometimes she does it but other pay her to do it and other times she does it to get other things. In the show Damn Yankees, the men use Lola to break up relationships, distract other players on the baseball team and she even sings a song about getting what she wants while doing a very seductive dance in the Yankees locker room. Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets is the chorus in the song and it screams about her being a working girl.

A working girl in this sense doesn’t mean a prostitute, but she is still selling herself to get what she wants and to move ahead. Sometimes she may get paid and others she benefits because she gets the guy she wants. The thing about her is that she doesn’t care who she hurts, what effect it may have and she also has no regard for anything but herself. She is sort of a sociopath in the show since all she cares about is herself, what she can get and doesn’t care about who she hurts to get it. We all know people like this and we’ve all ended up being friends with them at one point or another. Unfortunately, these people usually end up hurting us at some point as well.

Sometimes they’ll break up a relationship you end up in because they want to have your attention, even if its not romantic. Other times they’ll take your boyfriend or girlfriend from you because they wanted to show they are better than you and not because they love them. They may also try to sleep with them just to show that they could because somewhere in their mind it makes them feel better about themselves that they could have what they want and always be the best. I never got what makes a sociopath work or how they think, but I have definitely run into a few of them. One was someone I was friends with for years. The minute she had the chance to take a client work a lot of money away from me, she jumped in, removed me from the scene and didn’t even care that I had nothing else lined up. The truth is I did have something else lined up, but she had no way of knowing it. I saw her again about a year later at a conference and she walked up asking why I have a right to be pissed at her when it was the company that decided to go with her. Much like Lola, this person was and still is a sociopath and does whatever they want to get what they want regardless of who they hurt and they have no regret or negative feelings about it.