Broadway’s Best Working Girls – 5 – Charity

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Instead of having one girl, why not have an entire showtune about working girls. One of the most famous showtunes that almost everyone recognizes and sings a long with is Big Spender from Sweet Charity. Not only are these girls singing about giving it up for money, drinks and jewelry, but they are some of the most fun working girls to get to watch perform. I think just about everyone who has ever been in theatre or likes showtunes knows this song, but not all of them have seen it performed, that’s why it’s always kind of funny when you see parents singing a long with it. I’m pretty sure they know what the song is about, but they don’t know how seductive and actually inappropriate it is to sing in public or in front of their kids.

Hey Big Spender is a fun song to sing a long to, but at the same time it isn’t a good one to get your kids to enjoy. It is definitely not a good lesson for life since it is about gold digging and sleeping with men to get what you want. It happens all of the time but it doesn’t teach you to love yourself, respect yourself or even to go on a date or meet someone without thinking about what they can do for you. It’s always sad to meet people that think like that and that is what the girls in the song Big Spender are doing. Luckily one of the girls escapes that life when she sings the song If My Friends Could See Me Now, but at the same time many people who have the mindset of only talking to and sleeping with people because they can do something for them or will buy them things don’t often change.

We all know people like that and even though everyone enjoys singing songs like Big Spender from Sweet Charity, it is really kind of bad when you see someone who is actually like that singing a long and you know they are actually being serious. It’s actually sort of scary to see it since you know that is actually how they are in real life. Big Spender is one of the most famous songs and one of the working girls Charity ends up getting out of the life and making a better life for herself. She did sleep her way to the top, but at the same time she also began to become a much better person than someone who looks for men in a bar because he will buy her something.