Broadway’s Best Working Girls – 4 – Evita

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Although some people are born into being rich, politics and having a name, Eva Person sleeps her way to the top of the political scene in the musical Evita. Eva Peron started out in a little town which she knew wasn’t for her. Eva took a train into Buenos Aires where she had to start out as a working girl to pay rent, buy food and to survive. After realizing she could actually climb a social and political ladder by using her body and her looks, she eventually climbed her way into getting a radio show, a husband and a political career that started with a radio show and that will always live on in history.

Eva used her radio show to brand herself as the leader or the voice of the people and also to help elect her husband, Juan Peron, into office as the leader of the Argentine people. By sleeping her way to the top, she was able to take over a country, help provide food and money to numerous people in need as well as work on international politics by flying around the world and making allies with numerous countries. Unfortunately not all of them were positive allies like when she partnered with Adolf Hitler and used Nazi money (stolen from Jewish families, etc…) to help fund her programs and make her people’s lives better. Although I don’t agree with her taking advantage of the Holocaust and partnering with Hitler, at the same time she was looking out for her country and her own people. I’m Jewish so of course it disgusts me but when she comes from a poor family and finds sources of income to help her people, I don’t think she was able to resist taking it. It’s kind of funny that Eva Peron and Evita is all about life and making life better, but it was also at the cost of millions of Jewish people, Muslims and others who were being tortured and she would turn her head.

Eva was a definite prostitute in my opinion and was able to sleep her way into fame and fortune. She died being one of the most loved and hated leaders of Argentina and her name is in almost every history book. What many people don’t actually know is how she funded everything and the history books don’t always talk about the negative influences she had on other people by using Nazi money.