Broadways Best Working Girls – 3 – Rizzo

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Rizzo is the tough girl from the Pink Ladies in the musical and tv musical Grease. Although she doesn’t get paid for putting out, she never has a shortage of men to help her out when she’s looking for fun. Even though she isn’t literally a working girl, she still has the tough girl attitude and acts like a mean girl. During the show she even sings a song called Look at Me I’m Sandra D which is about making fun of the new girl Sandy for being such a prude. Even though Rizzo is a mean girl, she is still actually a likeable person which is why Rizzo is one of the most fun and lovable working girls (or at least loose ladies) on broadway.

Grease is full of a ton of side plots and stories dealing with teenage issues like sex, peer pressure, being popular, being careful and safe, doing dangerous things like racing cars and even gang violence. Rizzo’s stories carry her through the tougher plots from teenage pregnancy scares, what it must feel like if you are the girl who is labeled a slut and singled out for being pregnant. She is part of the car races and also puts the peer pressure on the other girls when she is sneaking out, making fun of people and trying to take control over their gang. At the same time Rizzo also shows that she is one of the most loyal and best people to have as a friend since she stands up for the other Pink Ladies when something goes wrong or one of them needs help.

Rizzo is the stereotypical person who puts up a wall that makes her look tough but in reality she is a great person. Her character comes through as one of the strongest and most memorable in the show and everyone loves watching as she kicks people off a bench at the lunch table, feels sorry for her when her boyfriend is dancing with someone else and gets angry when the opposing school and gang calls her out for being a bit easier than most of the girls would admit to being back then. Rizzo is an amazing character and if the actress does a great job, she can always get a standing ovation for playing this role in the musical Grease. Rizzo isn’t technically a working girl, but she definitely fits into the list of broadway’s best and most loved working girls or ladies with loose morals. She is also one of the most popular characters from Grease that tons of people always want to audition for.