Broadways Best Working Girls – 2 – Fantine

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Fantine from from Les Miserables is one of the characters you love the most. She lives in a very poor time just before the French Revolution and sells everything she has, including her body, her necklace and her hair to help generate money to be able send to the inn keepers who are watching her daughter Cosette. You cannot help but to feel bad for Fantine because her life is dedicated to taking care of her daughter. It costs her everything she has and she never even gets to see her. The only reason she survives is to make sure she can provide for her daughter who she doesn’t actually get to see. What she doesn’t know is that Cosette isn’t actually being taken care of as well as she possibly could have been.

Cosette is at an Inn where Fantine left her in the care of the Inn Keeper and his wife. Even though Fantine sends them money, they don’t provide the same or an even slightly similar lifestyle for her as they do for their own daughter Epinine. The Inn Keepers are definitely not well off, but at the same time they love their original daughter when their Inn is doing well and give her everything that they can. Unfortunately at the same time they make Cosette work, treat her extremely poorly and also makes sure that she knows she is only welcome as long as her mom is sending money and she can work.

Eventually Fantine meets the main character of the show and when he falls in love with her. Unfortunately she is also dying at this point. Instead of being selfish or even caring about herself, she makes her last dying wish about her daughter and asks Jean Val Jean to go and rescue her and begs him to give her an amazing life. Because Jean Val Jean was in love with the former working girl he instantly rushes to the Inn and barters to take the girl away.

Jean Val Jean takes Cosette and ends up providing her with everything she could want. Not only does she have everything, but she now has a Father who loves her and does everything he can to make her life as good as Fantine would have wanted it to be. Later on in the show Fantine comes back as a ghost and gets to see that her only dying wish had come true and that Jean Val Jean raised her with everything she could have wanted.