Broadways Best Working Girls – 1 – Aldonza

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Aldonza, or Dulcinea depending on how you see her is a prostitute that Don Quiote falls in love with in the show The Man of La Mancha because she has no other way to get food, support herself and doesn’t believe she has anything to offer the world. She sings about being born on a pile of dung and how she will die on one too. Her life looks bleak and she struggles to survive not realizing that she could actually have someone love her. That’s where Don Quiote helps her both emotionally and with her life.

Don Quiote is an inspirational character to numerous people. He sees monsters that turn out to be windmills and fights fake dragons. He always sees the best in things and loves everyone. When he comes across Aldonza and finds her as a working girl, he instantly thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Everyone thinks he is crazy including Aldonza, but after he helps her realize that she is more than just someone that has to sell her body to survive, she starts to realize that she is a person who has the same feelings, emotions and opportunities as everyone else. Eventually she falls in love with Don Quiote and when he eventually dies she becomes a much stronger person and begins to change her life. She no longer feels the need to have to die on a pile of dung and she also has the self confidence to pull herself out of the gutter and start to build a better life.

What I like about the character Aldonza is that she just needed someone to tell her she is worth something and push her to make something of herself. Most people have the ability to become amazing people, they just need someone to help get them on the right path. Aldonza needed a push and when she got it she began to become something. She had the brains and she was tough, she just needed inspiration and someone to help her. It’s amazing how many people just need that first person to believe in them and then they are able to do anything. That is what I love about the story of Don Quiote and Aldonza. All she needed was someone to believe in her and then she was ready to conquer the world.