Showtunes About Transportation Week – 6 – Showtunes About Buses

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One of the most well known buses is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Thanks to Bette Midler, the movie musical became an actual musical and is currently on broadway. The bus is one of the most important props in both the show and the movie. It helps to show emotion, protection, bigotry, drunk driving and murdering teletubbies, as well as a way for people who don’t get a long to bond with each other and two new people to fall in love. The Bus is one of the most important props and even characters in Priscilla. It not only is what each character relies on, but it is part of a ton of jokes.

Bernadette uses it to run over animals and teletubbies. Felicia uses it to perform an opera in mid air on a giant high heel shoe over the audience’s heads and the people who disliked gays used it to get their message across about gays not being welcomed. In the regular movie it was a huge part, not to mention gave the movie it’s name, but in the show they took a regular bus and added in a ton of LED lights that work like a movie screen and something to paint on, an entire set inside with a bar and even a moveable and trap door filled roof where the characters can come in and out of in new costumes to surprise you. The bus is one of the most important parts of this musical and it helps to teach people to rely on each other, get a long and even deal with stress when you realize you need to focus instead of panicking. It’s kind of funny when you think of the show because you think of it as the story of three drag queens on a bus, but when you actually think about it, without the bus you wouldn’t have a show.

If it didn’t break down you wouldn’t have met Bob and Felicia wouldn’t have ended up doing drugs and learning that not everyone is gay friendly. You wouldn’t get to learn about the characters and hear about their lives and you wouldn’t get to see messages that really drive what hate means home. The bus is one of the most important things in Priscilla Queen of the Desert which is why it is on the list of showtunes about travel and transportation.