Showtunes About Transportation Week – 4 – Airplanes

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When I was thinking of what to do for air travel with showtunes week about transportation and travel I instantly thought of I Do I Do In The Sky from the Drowsey Chaperone. Another option would have been to do a post about Miss Saigon with the helicopter that barely worked, but I think that I Do I Do In The Sky from The Drowsey Chaperone is a better choice because it is actually about transporting people and the cast is literally lifted up on an airplane that is facing the audience.

At the end of the show, you hear this amazing black lady come out, and they introduce her as a lesbian because of her name as slang back in the time the show takes place, and start belting out a song while marrying the happy couple. Not only is she an aviator, but she gets the entire cast to stand across the plane she is flying and they all sing together. I Do I Do In the Sky from The Drowsey Chaperone is one of my favorite songs from the show. It’s up beat, happy and easy to sing a long too. It blends in on almost any mix of showtunes or play list and is also one that is perfect for background noise if you just need something to play while you are working.

It was kind of sad when The Drowsey Chaperone shut down on broadway. It was at the Marriott Marquis right in Times Square and was a fun show. It had everything from dancing and singing to a drunken old lady singing about being drunk through life and was actually kind of funny as well. Unfortunately the show definitely didn’t have any songs that will last forever like Les Miserables or any of the major classic shows. At the same time it was definitely a fun and campy show that I thought should have lasted for at least one more season. The songs were fun and the characters were great, but the show altogether wasn’t the best. Anyways, the song I Do I Do In the Sky from The Drowsey Chaperone is the perfect song for the list of showtunes about travel and transportation since they perform it on an airplane.