Showtunes about the USA 6 – Salt Lake City from Book of Mormon

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The song Salt Lake City or Sal Tlay Ka Siti from The Book of Mormon is one of my favorite songs from the show. Instead of being in your face and offensive or extremely funny like the others, it’s a gorgeous ballad that makes Salt Lake City sound like paradise. Sung by the African Girl who falls in love with Elder Cunningham, she listened to the Mormons talk about Salt Lake City and decided that Salt Lake City is a paradise where everything can be fixed and her life could be better.

The song starts out with the girl in Africa who is listening to these white boys talk about their religion. Eventually she listens and begins to believe in it. She also remembers her mom telling her of a place that wasn’t run by war lords who kill people for no reason and a world with plenty of food and medicine. After hearing the two Mormons talk about their god and their own city, she begins to believe that Salt Lake City is the place that her mom told her about. Unfortunately the real city isn’t exactly as she describes in the song, but at the same time, it is an awesome song to represent the city.

I love this song and have it on almost every play list. It is a beautiful ballad and one that is also sort of funny. The melody is perfect for both girls and guys to be able to sing and the song is extremely easy to memorize. It has quickly become one of my favorite broadway ballads and one that I think will stay on most of my playlists for a long time. The song is fun to listen to and if you ignore the words could be a unique and memorable song for any show that needs a gorgeous ballad. When you add the words in you get a gorgeous broadway ballad that will make you laugh when you hear about a city where flies don’t bite your eyeballs and human life has worth. Although it really isn’t funny because in her village that is true, the song makes you laugh and relax because it is a gorgeous broadway ballad. I highly recommend adding this song to any of your playlists as it is an awesome one to drive to, sing to and relax to. It probably isn’t a good one for a party list, unless you have a ton of theatre people over because they’ll join in and sing it. Salt Lake City is one of my favorite songs from the show The Book of Mormon and if you love ballads you’ll probably love it as well.