And they said TV Can’t Influence People – Glee Tonight

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And they said that TV can’t influence people to do crazy things.  The hit show on Fox which has not only taken the US by storm has spread to Canada and the UK.  In the clubs and bars they sell Glee Soundtracks next to the dj’s cds and people are wearing fan shirts and hosting Glee parties and calling themselves Gleeks publicly and finally opening up to their love of being part of the world of Music and Musical Theatre called Gleekdom.  Lately some Gleeks have taken their obsessions with the show a bit further than the normal fan and formed flash mobs to perform different Glee songs and routines in public on random days at random times and they are using the internet to set these unofficial events up.

One of these Glee Flash Mobs of seriously devoted Gleeks was just in Seattle and it was fantastic.  The choreography, the crowd, the songs and everything else was absolutely insane.  Look how many people joined in from Proud Mary on until the end of the routine.  It is absolutely insane how much influence Glee has over the population and how popular a show about a stereotypically Geeky and Loser oriented High School Club can be with mainstream America and the world when you put it on a right wing TV station and add in a couple of headliner characters, remixes of hit songs and awesome performances and celebrity guest appearances.

Here is a video clip of the Glee Flash Mob in Seattle Washington Performing.  Also don’t forget to watch Glee tonight for the long awaited Madonna Episode.  TV Guide did a huge spread and photo shoot and the cast of Glee gave us a sneak peak last week with the Sue Sylvester video version of Vogue.  Watch tonight and let me know what you think by coming back and posting here. Enjoy the Seattle Glee Flash Mob video and come back after Glee comes on tonight from 8:59 to 10:01 Eastern I think on Fox.  Check the Fox TV schedule for the definite times or estimated times.