Showtunes about the USA 4 – Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray

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Good Morning Baltimore from the musical Hairspray is one of the most well known songs from the broadway show. Not only does everyone love this showtune, but it is an awesome song to represent the city. It is positive, funny and a bit quirky, just like Baltimore. The original movie was created and produced by Jon Waters and starred the drag queen Divine as well as talk show hostess Ricki Lake. The movie became an instant cult classic because the music was great, the dancing was fun and the characters were absolutely ridiculous. Most people can still quote the original movie like “Penny Pingleton, you are Positively, Permanently Punished” or many of the other funny rhyming quotes. Jon Waters produced a ton of movies but the one that made it to broadway the biggest is Hairspray.

The show starts out with Tracy Turnblad standing vertical against a bed under a blanket like you’re starring down at her from the ceiling. All of the sudden she wakes up and jumps out of bed and begins her day by singing about how amazing Baltimore is. Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray is the perfect way to open the show because it isn’t just funny, but it is a fun song to sing. It walks you through the city and you even somewhat feel like you are actually there when she is describing it. Although Baltimore is not exactly how she describes it, and it isn’t the 60’s anymore, it really is a pretty good representation of the city and everyone loves to sing it, especially as you are driving or taking a train through the city.

Good Morning Baltimore is one of the most well known new songs from the show. When they went from the movie to broadway, they brought in an entirely new soundtrack and then when they turned the show into a movie again, they got rid of numerous other songs. Luckily Good Morning Baltimore was kept in the new movie version, probably because it is the perfect way to open the show. The Song Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray is an awesome showtune and one that I think everyone has on their iPhones or iPods or at least a playlist somewhere.