Showtunes about the USA 3 – The Lees of Virginia

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I was going to use The Lees of Virginia from 1776 for my post about the south, but I don’t think there is a better fit for this showtune about the USA than in this weeks posts which are all about showtunes about US cities and states. 1776 is probably one of the most patriotic shows there is since it is about America and it’s fight for independence from England, doing these posts before memorial day is the perfect time for them. The song The Lees of Virginia is all about Richard Henry Lee deciding to get Virginia as the first colony from the south to join the fight for Independence, with a bunch of buttering up from Ben Franklin and John Adams.

The problem was that nobody in congress liked John Adams so him and Ben Franklin needed to find someone who was popular to come on board. The second issue they had is that none of the south would sign on to fight the British off for independence. Ben Franklin decided to play a mind game with Richard Henry Lee and get him to think that Virginia fighting for independence would be a good thing and that is when the song The Lees of Virginia starts.

Richard Henry Lee starts singing about how Virginia is the best Colon”eeeee” and uses a million other words that ends with a y or sounds like E. The show makes him sort of look like a redneck and someone who isn’t extremely smart, but at the same time they also show how him coming on board was one of the key parts of helping get the other colonies on board for fighting against the Bristish for US independence.

The song is all about how great Virginia is and how the Lee family is one of the first famileeees in the first coloneee of Virginia. It’s actually a really cute song that just about everyone loves to hear and sing a long to. You actually do end up hearing people start to sing a long in the audience when you watch this show which is kind of fun. It shows the Actors are doing an awesome job and even though it’s annoying to the people sitting next to you, it does mean that the show is really pulling people in.