Showtunes about the USA 2 – Dallas from The Most Happy Fella

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I remember the song Big D from The Most Happy Fella because it is one of the first showtunes I heard on XM Satellite radio when I bought my new car. Big D from The Most Happy Fella is a song that is all about the city of Dallas. I was going to do a post about it when my friend from Dallas was coming up to visit but ended up not using it so it is one of the perfect showtunes to use for my USA week.

I love when shows take a city and create a song about them that is either fun, sweet or makes you want to visit it. Unfortunately Big D from The Most Happy Fella doesn’t want to make me want to visit the city of Dallas, but it is a fun song to sing a long with. They definitely get you to sing a long with the chorus which goes Big D little little a double l a s. It’s one of those songs you hate hearing because you’ll want to sing a long but you always get messed up at some point in the song and it can easily get stuck in your heard. That’s also one of the reasons that people love this song when watching the show. They can sing a long, they can have fun and it is one that can get stuck in your head.

Big D from The Most Happy Fella isn’t one of the most well known songs from the show, but it is one of the most fun ones. They also play it every once in a while on XM radio so you have probably heard it if you listen to the Broadway station at all. Unfortunately I don’t like the song Bid D from The Most Happy Fella enough to add it to my playlist of showtunes, but I was going to include it on my list of the top ten showtunes about the south. It isn’t one of my favorites, but a ton of other people love the song Big D from The Most Happy Fella, and it is about a US city so that is why it was perfect for this week’s posts about showtunes about the USA cities and states.