Kristin Chenoweth My New Philosophy from the 1999 Tony Awards

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I can’t believe that is now at 200 posts. Thank you everyone who reads this blog and comes back regularly. The reason I started this site is that every other site out there is about getting you to buy tickets to something or selling something and the rest are about the actors or who designed a set and costumes or who the producer is. What didn’t exist is a site about music, what it means to the author and personal opinions on songs and performers you may not have heard of. After 199 posts and looking through the site, I realized that this blog is still doing what I wanted it to do. Provide fabulous broadway songs, introduce you to awesome broadway stars and music as well as give an easy to read review of shows. Even though my philosophy for this blog hasn’t changed since starting it a few years ago, this song from one of my favorite performers Kristin Chenoweth definitely changes philosophies a lot.

Kristin Chenoweth recreated the role of Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and they added a brand new song to the revival called My New Philosophy. My New Philosophy from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown is a song where Sally Brown gets a bad grade on her paper and decides that she needs to change her opinion on life by thinking of a new philosophy. Kristin Chenoweth performed My New Philosophy at the 1999 Tony Awards and when she did she not only had everyone watching fall in love with her singing and acting, but she also stole the show and made it so that no one could ever be as good or as memorable of a Sally Brown as she was. Not only was the role of Sally Brown perfect for her, but the song My New Philosophy from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown is perfect for Kristin Chenoweth since it is upbeat, happy and funny at the same time. Pretty much everything you expect to see from her in a show, especially when she wasn’t as well known. Anyways, I think My New Philosophy from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown is the perfect song for my 200th post because even though I haven’t changed my philosophy on how this blog should be written and who it is for, I love the song and think that everyone else will too.