Summer Nights Video from Grease – Because It’s Almost Summer

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I can’t believe it’s almost summer which means everyone is heading to the beach, Rehoboth, Fire Island, Ptown, Ocean City, etc… Last night at showtunes they played grease and it completely got me excited for my trip to Puerto Vallarta as well as the weekend after when I’m going to Rehoboth Beach with my other friends. I was going to do a song from another show about keeping cupid away for the summer, but summer romances are some of the most fun and exciting ones so I decided to go the other direction and do Summer Nights from Grease for today.

Not only is Summer Nights from Grease one of the most well known showtunes, but it is also one of the most sung duets at karaoke bars. Everyone loves the song and everyone ends up singing along. You have everything from the bitchy, mean girl kicking people off the bench to the sweet and innocent guy who just wants to learn what it’s like. The actual music is extremely catchy and everyone has a favorite line or two that they like to sing in it. At some clubs and bars for showtunes night or karaoke they also change the lyrics so it becomes more of an audience participation song.

Grease is a musical that has changed a lot from the original version and has been made more family friendly. This version is from the movie which is extremely tame compared to the original cast recording and original script. The song Summer Nights hasn’t changed much over the years, but it also hasn’t needed any changes. Everyone loves to sing Summer Nights from Grease and it is one of the perfect songs to help you get in the mood to go to the beach, fall in love with someone and have a short term romance…unless you are already in a relationship. Anyways, I love the song Summer Nights from Grease and am completely ready for the beach with all of my friends again and I hope that you are excited for summer as well. If you aren’t, then try listening to songs like Summer Nights from Grease and get ready for a fun summer and a fun summer romance, just be careful though because Summer Nights from Grease can easily get stuck in your head.