My Strongest Suit from Aida Starring Idina Menzel

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This week I am starting with a new client and one where I am going to have to actually wear a suit to. I haven’t had to dress up for work since I started my first job and I haven’t considered anything more than a polo shirt and shorts as business casual for years since I started working for myself. It is usually just me being able to do my job better than other people that keeps my clients happy and me being able to blog and share my favorite showtunes with all of you. Anyways, when I was thinking about having to dress up and what to wear, I instantly thought of the song My Strongest Suit from Aida.

My Strongest Suit from Aida is one of my favorite showtunes to listen to because it is fun to sing to, listen to and even to dance around to. It is perfect for when you are working, driving or even just traveling somewhere and want something fun to listen to to keep you entertained. The song itself is actually about Aida singing about being able to impress people with her looks and charm which is why “A dress has always been her favorite suit”.

Normally people wear a suit for business meetings. For Aida, she wears a dress because she can get a lot more accomplished by showing off how amazing she looks. Not only does her figure and voice get her in the room, but when she adds in her brain, she can win any argument and take over any meeting and come out ahead. Whether its her body or her brains, a dress is stronger for her than a suit an that is why I love this song for this week.

I haven’t had to get dressed up for work in years and don’t actually have a suit that still fits me which is why I am laughing listening to it. I’m not going to buy a new one, but I am going to do my best to try and have it tailored a bit so that it at least looks appropriate. Although I am not as hot as Aida, my personality and ability to do the work usually make my normal tshirt and shorts my strongest suit. Anyways, here is My Strongest Suit from Aida starring Idina Menzel.