Here Comes Peter Cottontail The Movie Song

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With Easter coming up this Saturday and JRs annual Easter bonnet contest, I couldn’t help but to play an Easter Showtune early. Here comes peter cottontail from the movie musical Here Comes Peter Cottontail is one of my favorite Easter showtune sing a long songs. Not only does everyone sing a long to this broadway song for Easter, but you basically get people bouncing and some, if they are drunk enough at showtunes night, hopping and dancing to it. Here comes peter cottontail the song from the movie is absolutely one of the best showtunes and broadway songs for Easter.

Instead of just playing the song that everyone knows, I wanted to actually find a video clip that has the first few fun broadway songs for Easter so I ended up finding a clip that has all of the opening songs with the characters that I think you’ll love. Here comes peter cottontail is a classic movie that you don’t have to be Christian to enjoy. I remember watching it on Easter Sunday when I was a kid, even though we are Jewish, and loving how fun the music and characters are. The movie musical is for everyone of every race and religion because it is fun.

Even if you don’t get to go on an Easter Egg hunt with your non Jewish friends, you can still love the movie and singing along with the songs and characters and not actually feel that left out. That’s one of the nice things about this movie musical. It helps to make you feel good instead of feeling down like you might during Christmas if you don’t have any or many other Jewish friends. Here comes peter cottontail the musical movie and song is absolutely one of my favorite showtunes for Easter and one that I am excited to be sharing. I was going to do Barbara Streisand in Easter Parade, but figured I can save that for later in the week or for next year since I wanted to think of a happy and fun showtune for Easter. Here Comes Peter Cottontail the song from the movie is a classic and favorite of mine and I hope you love it too.