Positive from Legally Blonde the Musical

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Positive is one of the best songs from Legally Blonde the Musical. The reason I like it is because it’s a song about staying upbeat and happy, even when you are upset, get dumped, had a bad day at work, if someone stabs you in the back, etc… The song Positive from Legally Blonde starts right after Elle gets thrown under the bus on her first day of class by this girl who also turns out to be Warner’s (Elle’s ex boyfriend who she is trying to win back) fiance. Not only is Elle upset about class, but when she finds out that Warner is engaged she needs support from her friends at her sorority the Delta Nus. The issue is that Elle is at Harvard and the Delta Nus are all the way across the country, so Elle reaches out in spirit to get advice from her best friends.

In the movie, Elle is extremely fair and friendly towards Warner’s fiance, but in the musical version of Legally Blonde, she talks about her being twice her size. Elle’s best friends are also really rude about her making fun of her hair and other things that don’t happen in the movie. One thing that I didn’t like about the song Positive from Legally Blonde the musical is that they made Elle kind of rude and shallow. One of the reasons that everyone loves Elle is that she is always happy, positive and upbeat. By having her character make fun of the other girl in a song called Positive, they took a huge piece of the character away. Then again, it also helps to make Elle more believable as an actual person.

Positive from Legally Blonde the musical is one of my favorite songs and if you are ever down or sort of pissed, this is a great song to think of. It’ll help cheer you up and keep you happy, not to mention will make you laugh. Positive from Legally Blonde is a fun song that everyone loves to sing a long to at showtunes night and is one that is great for your iPhone for whenever you are annoyed or down.