The Real Housewives of Disney – Great Video

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So I was at showtunes last night and I heard a brand new video clip from Saturday Night Live called the Real Housewives of Disney. Disney is famous for their amazing musicals, broadway shows and their princesses which sing and dance. However, disney is also where they have to live, so what happens when the Disney Princesses get together and form a reality show?

If you’re a fan of Bravo TV then you are familiar with the Real Housewives shows. Not only do they fight with each other and everyone around them, but they are catty, bitchy and super fun to watch. That is why I love that Saturday Night Live did a parody of them called the Real Housewives of Disney and you can find the Real Housewives of Disney video here on this site or on the NBC site.

The skit goes through each of the princesses lives, their fights and drama as well as creating a parody of things from the actual TV show. I think one of my favorite moments is when they are talking about Cinderella and she makes a comment, “Never marry a guy with a shoe fetish”. Not only did they make Prince Charming gay, but he becomes like some of the husbands who go in to create drama.

The Real Housewives of Disney Video is absolutely hilarious and although it isn’t a showtune or a broadway thing, it is completely worth watching and being added to this site. Even if you aren’t a fan of Disney or Bravo, this is a seriously funny video because the writing, comedy and everything is absolutely hilarious. One thing I didn’t understand though is why they didn’t show the Real Housewives of NYC in the preview since that is the show that they mimic and make fun of the most in this parody.

Jill has a million charities, Simon creates drama and they all fight and make really rude comments to each other. The Real Housewives of Disney is an absolutely hilarious video and completely worth watching. I was laughing at showtunes night and know that you’ll love the Real Housewives of Disney video as well.