Nick Jonas in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying Reviews

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Nick Jonas in How To Succeed in Business Without Ever Really Trying

Nick Jonas in How To Succeed in Business Without Ever Really Trying

Last Thursday I was in NYC and couldn’t decide to see Nick Jonas in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Once which is a new musical based on the Oscar winning movie or the opening night of previews for Jesus Christ Superstar. When I thought about the three shows I realized that although the music in Once is absolutely amazing and Jesus Christ Superstar is a classic Andrew Lloyd Webber show, I wanted to see amazing choreography, watch a comedy and enjoy myself. That’s why I chose to go see Nick Jonas in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and add it to my reviews. So are my and my friends Nick Jonas in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying reviews on broadway.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying starring Nick Jonas is about a young man who wants to climb the social ladder at a large corporation and fast. At first you love him and all throughout the show you think he is a sweetheart, until you think about it and think about all of the people he stabbed in the back, used and hurt emotionally. He was a hard worker and very smart, and through pure luck, stabbing people in the back and kissing up, he climbs his way from a window washer to being the Chairman of World Wide Wickets corporation.

J Pierrepont Finch, played by Nick Jonas, also known as Ponchy learns fast from his book, and from gossip that kissing up to the bosses secretary will give you all of the clues on how to win him over and get ahead. The first secretary he runs into is Rosemary Pilkington who ends up falling in love with Ponchy at first site. Throughout the show she loves him and flirts with him and he always breaks her heart. She even tried to resign from working for him and found out that he never even read her resignation. Everyone in the audience loves and feels bad for Rosemary Pilkington, but don’t worry, she has an extremely happy ending. One of the key people that Ponchy meets is Ms. Jones or Jonesy played by Ellen Harvey.

Ms. Jones is the key to Ponchy’s success as she lets him know where the President of World Wide Wickets went to school, that he secretly knits and also his schedule. By Ponchy kissing up to her, she made sure that he was always in the right place at the right time and made sure that nothing bad would ever happen to Finch.

Throughout the show people like Bud Frump try to take Finch (Ponchy down) by giving him bad advice, warning the President of the company about him and even by setting him up in an important meeting to get fired. In the end, the people that were stabbing him in the back all got to keep their jobs, and all of the male characters who tried to help him got fired. When you think about it, people shouldn’t be loving and being happy for Finch or Ponchy, they should be hating him.

You get to meet an amazing mix of characters from Smitty who is a secretary that wants to be a nymphomaniac to Hedy La Rue who is an actual nymphomaniac. You hear incredible songs like A Paris Original, The Brotherhood of Men, I Believe In You, A Secretary is Not a Toy, Rosemary and many more of the songs that made the show famous. Although Nick Jonas did an ok job for his talent level, he was not right for broadway or this part.

I enjoyed watching him, but his voice is very pop rock and not very broadway. He also has issues with volume, being able to sing out and not letting other cast members sing over him on his notes. I was sitting front row center and not only got spit on multiple times while he was singing How to Succeed and I Believe In You, but I got to see very closely how hard he tried. He did do a good job, but he is not a broadway star and was not able to keep up with the professional actors, dancers and talent that made this show. The only reason he got applause was because he is famous. The characters that really stole the show were Jonsey, The guy who played the head of the mail room/tv host/chairman, Rosemary, Smitty and of course Hedy La Rue. If you are a Nick Jonas fan, you should see the show. If you are a How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying fan, I would wait until he leaves and then come back when they have a stronger singer and actor in the role. He does a great job, but my friend and I and a few others all agreed that although he is amazingly talented, he is not made for a major iconic role on broadway like J. Pierppont Finch. So if you want to know if I would recommend it, My How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying reviews are that it is worth seeing if you want to see a fun happy show with amazing dancing, but if you want to see it with a solid leading actor, wait until Nick Jonas leaves.

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