The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q

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So my friend sent me a couple of text messages of his face beaten up. I initially thought him and his partner were attacked, but instead his partner had attacked him. On the phone he initially was upset, then started talking about missing his ex and then he told me he had done it before, but never that bad. Not only was I upset with this, but I immediately almost flew out to see him and bring him back to DC with me so he didn’t do anything stupid. He then told me he was staying with a different friend and we started joking about things to lighten the mood and all of the sudden The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q.

The reason I thought of The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q is because it is when Kate Monster was upset about Princeton taking home Lucy the Slut and sleeping with her. When Kate’s standing outside of his door, she’s staring through the night and Christmas Eve comes up to sing about what it’s like to love someone, except she makes a ton of random and weird references.

The conversation was kind of an offbeat one and you have to have a dark sense of humor to not think we were insane, but it completely reminded me of this song. It also made me think of The More You Ruv Someone because when I was in his car and when my iPhone put on Avenue Q and he said what the heck is that and never play it again…so of course I put on Book of Mormon right after. Anyways, he hates broadway and musicals and I love to play them when he’s around just because its fun to watch him cringe when someone hits a C or anything high.

It sucks that his partner had hurt him but at least he is out of there and safe now. Although Princeton never hurt Kate physically, the song The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q still reminds me of what happened to my friend and makes me laugh. If you have a dark sense of humor you’d probably love this song and would have thought of it too.