Coffee in a cardboard cup from 70, girls 70

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I heard this song the song Coffee in a Cardboard Cup from 70, Girls 70 on Sirius XM the other day and absolutely fell in love with it. The song Coffee in a Cardboard Cup from 70, Girls 70 is a song about two waitresses or servers, depending on the time frame and how PC you want to be, singing about how everyone is in a hurry now a days and no-one has any time to even sit down for a real cup of coffee. Instead they just want their coffee in a cardboard cup and to move on.

The ladies sing about ready whip and other instant products instead of enjoying home made cream, whipped cream, coffee boiled at the right temperature and everything else. They are frustrated with how fast the world is moving and how they don’t see why everyone is in such a rush. Why can’t they sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee instead of needing to have it to go in a cardboard cup. The reason this song stuck out to me is that I was with a client the other day and she was amazed with how things worked now.

When I was setting up an account, I used my cell phone to verify that we were legitimately the organization that wanted the account. I typed in my number and within seconds got a text with a passcode and we were instantly approved. The client was amazed at how technological eveything has become and was impressed, but also realized it’s time to catch up…which is why they hired me. That is why I loved getting to listen to the song Coffee in a Cardboard Cup from 70, girls 70.

Instead of just playing one version of the showtune, I figured I would give you two options. One is Mandy Pitinken who you may remember from Patti Lupone. The other is two women playing the characters how they are supposed to be played. I love that you can take a broadway showtune and tweak it to be able to mean anything. Mandy makes it his own version about how he feels like is going to fast and the two waitresses make it there own. Listen to how different the two versions are and think about how fast everything is moving and if you’ve taken any time over the past couple weeks to enjoy a cup of coffee or to just sit down and relax.