Keep it Gay from the Producers on Broadway!

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So lots of people think that broadway is for the gays. The truth is that gay people tend to love broadway, but so do straight people, conservative people, liberal people and everyone in between. Live broadway shows don’t have to be gay, unless you end up with a show by the fabulous Ms. Roger Dupree. If you remember in the show the Producers, Roger is the fabulous producer that they need to take over the show Spring Time for Hitler. The two main characters also think that he is about the only person who is able to take this show and get it as tacky, campy and insane as possible so that it can fail. When you finally get to Roger’s house, you all of the sudden figure out why they had selected him to put on the show.

Roger is an extremely flamboyant man who enjoys introducing himself as a lady sometimes and enjoys everything that being gay has to offer him. His staff is gay, he is gay and everything about them is gay. Because everything is gay with him, obviously his shows have to be gay too. That is why when they approach him to take on the show, he has a vision of how it should look and the most important part is to keep it gay.

Keep it Gay from the Producers is one of the most popular songs. It is fun to sing, fun to watch and even more fun to watch the characters perform. Keep it gay from the Producers helps to set you up for what the official show is going to look like and how gay and campy it is really going to be. Keep it Gay from the Producers is one of my very favorite showtunes from the show and I love watching them play it at showtunes nights. Broadway does have a huge gay following, but it is meant for everyone regardless of if they are gay or not. Everyone loves a show and if you think that broadway is for the gays, the only person who may agree is Roger Dupree who thinks that the only way to make a show work is to keep it gay.