Thank Goodness – Kristin Chenoweth – Perfect for Thanksgiving

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When I was thinking about showtunes that are perfect for Thanksgiving, I instantly thought of all of the political ones, the scene from The Addams Family where they are at camp and have the play about the Pilgrims and even thought about using Charlie Brown. Then when I was thinking about the perfect song to use I instantly realized that the perfect showtune for thanksgiving is actually the song Thank Goodness from Wicked. Thank Goodness is all about saying thank you for the things around you.

The munchkins are thankful that the Wicked witch isn’t bothering them. Galinda is thankful she has a fiance who “loves her”. Madame Morrible is thankful that she has been able to climb the political ladder and the fiance is thankful that he can escape and go find Elphaba. The song is actually one of my favorite songs from the show, even though it doesn’t have anything amazing in it like Defying Gravity with the huge dress and high notes or the Wizard and I with the really high notes and loud singing or For Good which is extremely emotional. The part of Thank Goodness that I love is the long note that Galinda sings and belts out.

The song is actually beautiful and even though it isn’t one of the best or most well known songs from the show, it is a great one and a perfect fit for Thanksgiving. Even though Kirstin Chenoweth isn’t doing Wicked anymore, her version of the song Thank Goodness is probably the best. In the video below, it takes a couple minutes before the camera shows the stage, but when it does you’ll see how amazing Kristin Chenoweth does with this song and how incredible she did in the show Wicked. Anyways, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving an here is Kristin Chenoweth singing Thank Goodness from Wicked.