The Boogie Man Song from Nightmare Before Christmas

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If there is one musical that is perfect for the holiday season, it has to be the movie musical Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. Not only do they have every Halloween creature you can think of in the show, but they also feature the biggest and worst creature of them all, The Boogie Man. The Boogie Man in the Nightmare Before Christmas doesn’t just want to take over Christmas, he wants to end Christmas for everyone by destroying Santa Claus.

While Santa is trapped on the Boogie Man’s roulette table and finding out his fate from the Boogie man, the Skeleton, Rag doll and ghost dog work their way into the lair to save Santa Claus. Not only do they end up saving Santa from the Boogie Man, but they also destroy the Boogie Monster after he finishes his big song. It turns out the Boogie man not only scares people year round, but he is the most evil of all Halloween creatures. Not only is he terrifying, but he is made up of bugs and different gross things. I guess that’s what helps to make the Boogie Man so scary, and his song perfect for him.

The Boogie Man Song from the Nightmare Before Christmas is a dark and evil song. It takes place under black lights and has moments where the Boogie man almost kills Santa Claus while he says how evil he is. He loves being evil and having no rules and he makes it very clear that he is the worst Halloween creature around. The song is great to sing a long to, have on your Halloween soundtrack and also to play for fun when you have people trick or treating and you have music playing while they come to your house. The Boogie Man song from The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the best songs from the movie musical and is perfect for this time of year. Here is the Boogie Man song from The Nightmare Before Christmas.