Ladies Who Lunch from Company

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One song that everyone loves is the Ladies Who Lunch from Company. What most people don’t know though is that it is actually a really depressing song. It’s about a woman who isn’t happy in her marriage or just not happy with life. She is depressed, lonely and feels like something is missing. I never really thought how sad the song is until I had seen the revival last weekend.

Everytime I’ve heard the song I thought it was just someone who was being bitter and drunk, I never realized how sad the person singing actually is. The song is absolutely one that people never really did well after I had seen the woman in the revival perform it. Not only did both my friend and I shut up and sit there watching stunned, but I don’t think I could ever watch it at a showtunes night or listen to it without realizing how sad of a song it really is.

The Ladies Who Lunch from Company is above and beyond one of my favorite songs now. I think it is perfect for an audition if you put enough emotion into it and you also really put your heart into it. You can act with the song, you can belt out certain notes and if you can perform the song correctly, you can everyone to just sit there quiet and ready to applause.

The Ladies Who Lunch from Company is an amazing song that I love and will always recommend for an audition if you are able to pull it off. You have to remember that it isn’t about fun or being bitter, but it is about being bitter, jealous and feeling alone. If you can pull those emotions out of yourself and put them into the song, there is no way you can lose a role to someone else. The Ladies Who Lunch from Company is now one of my favorite broadway ballads that I will always choose for people who need something to stand out with when they are auditioning for a show. The only thing I will try and make them do is put every emotion they have into it to make everyone break out into applause.