Mary Me a Little Video from Company

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Yesterday I was at my friends house for our usual cooking thing and we ended up watching the 2006 revival of Stephen Sondheims show Company. If you haven’t seen this version than you have to go rent or buy it. It is absolutely amazing. Not only does it star one of my favorite actors Raul Esparza, but the production is incredible because not only is the cast able to sing and act, but they all had to play an instrument as well…including Raul.

Although the song Mary Me a Little from Company isn’t one of the best, it is one of my favorites. I don’t only love it because I’m down about being dumped the other week, but I absolutely love male ballads. The only reason I chose Mary Me a Little from Company instead of my very favorite Being Alive is that if I did Being Alive from Company today, I would have no voice left because I love to belt that song out like there is no tomorrow.

One of the things that I love most about Stephen Sondheim songs is that you can take them and put them into a million different contexts. Mary Me a Little is exactly one of those songs as well. You can speed it up and add in a happier voice and it becomes a fun and happy song. You can keep it slow and add in a few sad tones like Raul does and all of the sudden you have a ballad. I think that is one of the things that makes Stephen Sondheim so incredible. His songs and his shows are extremely versatile, and it seems like he puts himself into each one of them as well.

Mary Me a Little from Company is a gorgeous song that can help to show off anyone’s ability to act a song. You can use it to show expression in your face. You can change it and lower it or raise it to let everyone see your voice control, and you can either walk around a stage, stand still and let your arms, posture and voice express your emotions or just sing it however you want. That is why I love this song for auditions for smaller theatre groups that rely on solid acting instead of big budgets. Mary Me a Little from Company is an incredible song and Raul Esparza did an amazing job in the revival of the show.