I’ll Try from Redhead

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So yesterday my b/f and I broke up. I wasn’t going to be dramatic and I still thought he was sweet, but when I was describing what had happened to my friends, I realized he is a complete (fill in your favorite negative term for a guy here). I was really upset and so I was looking for a good break up broadway song to post today, but instead I heard one that is extremely obnoxious if you are recently broken up. So instead of using a breaking up song, I figured I would use an absolutely obnoxious song called I’ll Try from Redhead. Before I go into why I’ll Try from Redhead is such an obnoxious song, I want to tell you why he ended up going from nice guy to (insert your favorite descriptive word here as well).

I was having a bad week at work. I started parting ways with one of my largest clients, I was already a bit depressed and one of the sort of cool things that I was going to get to do last weekend was get to meet the brand new US ambassador of India to the United States. After not getting a text in over a day, he finally texts me back and asks me to go for a hike on Sunday. So I texted back and said that would be great, even though I am completely not a nature person.

We meet in the morning and stop for breakfast at a fun bakery in Capitol Hill. He’s acting sort of sweet, sort of distant and then we get into his truck and start heading out to Calvert Cliffs State Park. In the car he starts testing me again and trying to either see if I’m “too gay” “not smart enough” etc… the usual bullsh*t that I didn’t think anything of until I actually realized what he was doing…which was the first time. But I ignored it like an idiot. One of the questions was what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Hudson”. What he wanted to hear was river, but of course I said Jennifer. Then I went into how I hated her commercials on tv for Weight Watchers but she does look amazing.

Anyways, we finally get to the park after he gets done asking me questions and calling me extremely gay. It’s a nice change to be out of the truck at this point, but at the same time I was super happy just to be with him. We start walking down the red trail to the bay and he is actually being sweet. He made a couple of nice comments, he shared some fun facts about the plants and then when we passed this gorgeous area I asked for a picture and he refused then kept walking. He wouldn’t even take one of just me. Luckily I have an iPhone and I took it myself. Instead of getting upset with him, I caught up and we went down to the beach.

Once we were on the beach, we played with his dog, ate a couple of snacks and found fossils, sea shells and sharks’ teeth. It was an awesome day in a romantic place and we had a really good time. As we were getting ready to head back because I had to go to a work event and meet the Ambassador, we sat down to let the sand dry off our feet and as we were looking at the cliffs and enjoying each other’s company, he says I don’t want to date you. No reasons, no sadness and no emotion. It was a complete ahole move to make. Not only did he do it after I had a bad week, but he did it knowing we have an hour and a half drive back, I have a very important night starting in a few hours and he springs this on me. Then we get up and start walking back and he pretends like nothing is wrong. What he should have done was asked me to brunch or coffee and just done it there. Not made me head out to the park and waste an entire day falling more in love with him. Anyways, when I heard the song I’ll Try from Red Head today I instantly hated the two characters.

Not only do the two people singing keep talking about how they’ll try to do things for each other, but they also sing about how much they are in love. Not only is the song perfect for hating when you are going through a break up, but it is also obnoxious to hear any other time, unless you are just falling in love. I heard this song and absolutely hated it and if you are going through a break up, you’ll probably hate it too.