I’ll Never Fall In Love Again from Promises Promises

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So if you couldn’t tell or if you read my other blogs you’ll know I’ve been in a relationship for the past few months. It’s kind of funny how you just click with someone and you can fall instantly in love with them. That’s sort of what happens to a few of the characters in Promises Promises which starred Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes.

In Promises Promises Sean Hayes’s character falls in love with Kristin Chenoweth’s character. The problem is that Kristin’s character is already in love with someone who turns out to be the person that Sean needs to get a head in life. The other issue is that the guy she is in love with is married and has had multiple affairs. In one scene around Christmas time, Kristin says she wants or needs more, instead of giving her more, he gives her money. Although the intent was good because he wanted to give her a nice holiday present, it also made her feel like a whore. The other twist is that the place they were using to hookup was Sean’s apartment and he had no clue she was the girl that the guy was hooking up with; until he finds her almost dead in his bedroom when she tried to kill herself by taking a ton of pills.

We’ve all had those moments when we realize that the person we love doesn’t love us back as much. Sometimes the person actually does love you as much as you love them, but if they can’t show it to you or they aren’t ready to love you enough yet because they are focused on other things like rock collections, their dog or a possessive mother, you just sometimes have to move on to protect your own heart. It hurts to do it because you really love the person, but sometimes you need to. You can always hope that if the person is the right one, eventually when they are ready you may be ready for them again as well. I have a friend who had an ex boyfriend that had a falling out. About twenty years later they met again, fell in love and last summer they got married. You never know, if the person is the right one, you may end up with them eventually. In Promises Promises, Kristen tries to kill herself. Although that is a bit dramatic, Sean does save her and the song I’ll Never Fall In Love Again from Promises Promises is the song they sing together after she comes to it in the morning.

Although I didn’t try and kill myself and I haven’t broken up with my partner, the personality differences, lack of personality and hi not being ready to be in a relationship yet could end up ending our relationship. I know how Kristen’s character felt and sometimes you have to end your relationship, even though you don’t want to, because the other person isn’t ready for you yet. It can be hard to do but sometimes you need to do it to stop yourself from feeling hurt and alone all the time. In the show she comes to it with Sean and they sing I’ll Never Fall In Love Again on a guitar together, but in real life you probably won’t get to do that. Instead you should try to find something to take your mind off of it or have a friend over.

Today I’m heading to my friends house to use his new smoker. He had never used it before, so we are breaking it in, having drinks and cooking all day. That is our version of the song I’ll Never Fall In Love Again from Promises Promises. He’ll help me feel better and the two of us will have a fun day. Friends are amazing and I know he reads this blog so thank you ahead of time and see you in a while. =0). If you are currently in a relationship and your partner isn’t showing you the same emotions back, you should talk to him or her. If it gets worse and you always feel alone, you may need to think about if they are ready and find your own version of the song. Breaking up with someone you love is very hard to do, but you also need to do what is right for you. There are plenty of other people out there and you may eventually meet the person again when they are ready and even fall in love and get married then. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again from Promises Promises is one of my favorite songs and I love the version that they did when it was on Broadway. Thank you again for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend. Here is I’ll Never Fall In Love Again from Promises Promises.