Big Ass Rock from The Full Monty – An Awesome Song

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So before people start bitching about me taking another song out of context of the show, when you listen to a song and haven’t seen a show then you can put whatever meeting you want to it. You can also create your own version of how the song can be used. For me, Big Ass Rock is one of those songs. If you haven’t seen the Full Monty, or even if you have, you can easily place Big Ass Rock from The Full Monty into a situation about singing about co-workers who pretend to be your friend but stab you in the back.

We’ve all been around those people that use you, pretend to be your friend and the minute you turn your back they are there to stab a knife into it. You know, the one who will always be there to tighten to rope around your neck, rub salt into a wound and after they are finished pretend like they did nothing wrong. Not only do these people have no souls, but they are absolutely horrible and unfortunately exist just about everywhere. I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with two of these people at my last real job before I went out on my own.

Not only did I know them for years before and back then I absolutely thought the world of them, but I was also trusting and completely naive. Unfortunately I let them walk all over me and although I knew to stand up for myself, I sort of wanted out of that company.

Not only was the company a bad one to work for, but I hated being there anyways. Some of the people were great, but I was homesick for Washington DC and the company had some serious issues. If I had really wanted to keep that job, I would have stood up for myself and not let them walk all over me. At the time I was confident but for some reason backed down. Now I know it was because I hated working there, but at the same time I shouldn’t have let them walk all over me. When I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago I ended up running into them. When they came up to me at a party at the Kimberly Hotel Penthouse they walked over and pretended like they mattered. Apparently they thought I was a push over. Not only did they not get a hello or any form of attention when they walked up, but the people I was with laughed them away. Apparently I’m not the only one they’ve screwed over.

When I heard the song Big Ass Rock today on Sirius XM it completely made me think of those two and how horrible some people are. The song Big Ass Rock from the Full Monty can completely be about one of those people in your workplace that acts like a friend but stabs you in the back. The song in the show isn’t about that, but if you can take it out of the context of the show, it can completely be about people who act like they’re your friends but will stab you in the back the minute it will benefit them.