It’s kind of fun to create your own show from random showtunes

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I was listening to my iPhone playlist on the way to the beach this past weekend it was having fun combining songs together to make a new show out of different songs. One of the things I love about showtunes is that you can listen to a song and think that it means one thing or is about one thing, but when you see the show it becomes something completely different. If you take the songs that can easily have a different meaning, you can then place them with other showtunes and create a brand new story line. One of the ones that I was thinking of started with impossible from Cinderella, then Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera and then Last Night of The World from Miss Saigon.

So this one doesn’t really take on an entirely new meaning, but the songs could flow into each other theme wise. Musically it would be sort of a nightmare, unless you place it back into an operatic or old styled show. You start with the person who wants to go to a party but thinks its impossible. She wishes she could go, meet someone to fall in love with and then get married and have the happily ever after ending.

She goes to the party in her new gown which leads into Masquerade from Phantom. As they are there and singing, you can add in some dialogue and a new routine. The two bump into each other and maybe dance, maybe the guy she falls in love with is the Red Skeleton character or maybe they just pass each other by. Another option is to have her get scared and avoid the guy all night. Then when she goes to take a break outside, she runs into him or he comes out and runs into her. That’s when Last Night of the World comes on. The fun thing is that you can have some dialogue come on or you can even have them watching two others who are in love sing it and let it play into their relationship.

Anyways, here are those three songs from the movie or theatre versions. Feel free to leave your own favorite combinations below in the comments section.